Yoni's Extra Credit

Bruce Von Stiers

For the second time in as many days I have come across someone who moved from their designated career path into music. The guy yesterday was a psychologist who became a really good rocker. And today I came across a guy with a degree in criminology and law who is a great pop rock performer. His name is Yoni and he has recorded an album with the apt title of Extra Credit.

Looking into Yoni's background, I found out that he worked for a while at Warner Brothers, producing instructional music products for them. He also taught guitar at the Gainesville Guitar Academy while in college. This past spring Yoni taught a three-part garage band workshop at a new prestigious prep high school in Davie , Florida .

Being based in South Florida , Yoni has had the opportunity to reach out to some very talented people to work with him on this album.

Chris Glansdorp is on cello. Aside from being the Principal Cello in the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra, Glansdorp has recorded music for such varied performers as Michael Jackson, Gloria Estafan, Jennifer Lopez and classic crooner Vic Damone.

Al Nigro is on bass on a couple of songs. John Falcone also plays bass on a couple of tunes. Dan Warner is on bass, guitars, programming and arrangements. Both Warner and Falcone have worked on other projects together, including an album for Shakira.

Peter Wallace is on piano, Wurlitzer and keys. He has worked with Jessica Simpson and Teddy Geiger. Lee Levin is on drums. He, like Wallace, has worked with both Jessica Simpson and Teddy Geiger.

Yoni does the vocals, plays guitar, and does some of the programming and arrangements.

Dan Warner produced the album. It contains eleven songs and has a play time of

Forty-one and a half minutes.

Twentysomething is the first track on the album. It was also on Yoni's 2006 EP Ready For More. The song has been licensed by MTV for a couple of their Real World show. This is a song that is somewhat autobiographical. It deals with the frustration of college grads and young people striking out on their own, not being able to reach their goals easily. The song has some great music, great vocals and ever-so-true lyrics.

Being 13 is kind of a bubble gum pop tune. It is a trip back in time to when you are an early teen. No responsibilities, having fun, hanging out with your friends. The song laments on the current state of life and what things have change since the teenage years.

A Lesson In Freud is an interesting song about not being able to perceive all of your fears.

Maybe This Time has an almost samba styling.

Usual Biography has some good music with a decent beat.

Consider This has a strong piano background. The song has really good, strong vocals by Yoni.

Fate of the Union has some cool rock guitar. It is a slight in-your-face tune about how the nation isn't into too good of shape.

The Fight Goes On has a light sound, yet has a hard theme. It deals with the history of faith and how the fight still goes on to keep our freedoms and our beliefs. There is a really good guitar bridge in the song.

Morning is yet another light song. It has some samba styling in part of it.

Tales of Higher Learning has a toe-tapping guitar beat to begin it. The song is a pretty decent pop rock tune.

The last song on the album is Let The Devil Know. It had also been on the Ready For More EP. The song has a fast paced pop / punk/ rock beat.

From working on music productions to becoming a headlining pop rock performer, Yoni is destined to become a major name in the indie rocker world.

The sites to find music from Extra Credit and to learn more about Yoni are www.songsofyoni.com and www.myspace.com/songsofyoni .


© 2007 Bruce E Von Stiers