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Bruce Von Stiers

If you go to the web site for singer / songwriter Amilia K Spicer, you'll find that the title for the site's home page is Red Dirt Noir. That title kind of fits as Amilia's music is a bit of red dirt but with a slightly sultrier, duskier edge.

Several years ago I reviewed the album Seamless by Amilia. I called her music passionate and fierce, yet very gentle at times. Amilia has continued on with this unique styling of music in her new album. The new album is titled Wow And Flutter. It is being released on the Free Range Records label.

In the electronics world, wow and flutter is a measurement of something called frequency wobble that is caused by speed fluctuations. It is used for electronic equipment with rotating parts such as film projectors, cassette recorders and vinyl record turntables. A digital electronic system might have a faster rating while a turntable usually have what is referred to as a “slow wow.” As Amilia's music has a slower, more demure sound to it, the album title fits well.

The album was produced by Amilia, along with Steve McCormick. Steve also played guitar and other instruments on the album. The album was mixed by Malcolm Burn and mastered by Greg Calbi. Amilia wrote all of the songs on the album.

Besides Steve, Amilia had a whole bunch of great musicians backing her on the album. Michael Starr has played on albums by Circe Link, Fozzy and others. He plays violin on one of the songs on this album. Joe Karnes of Fitz & The Tantrums plays bass on one song. Michael Jerome, Andy Kamman and Phil Bass played drums on various songs. Matt Cartsonis was on mandolin and mandola for the album. Other musicians who played on the album are Tim O' Gara, Tom Freund, Sheldon Gomberg, Daryl Johnson, Tom Felicetta, Eddie Baytos, Stan Behrens, Mike Meadows, Wally Ingram, Cyd Cassone, Mike Finnegan, Christopher Allis, Eric Heywood, Rami Jaffe and Gurf Morlix . Jimmy Lafare provided vocals on one song. Amilia did the vocals on all the songs. She also played the banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, C3, lap steel, piano, keyboards, Rhodes, Baritone and 12-string guitar.

Fill Me Up is the first song on the album. It a ballad that has a strong guitar intro. It starts out kind of slow. About a quarter way through the song, the pace picks up and you will be tapping your feet to the sound. The vocals are smooth, at times a bit breathy and sultry.

Harlan is a soft and gentle ballad. It has a kind of slow and mellow Emmylou Harris feel to it. Near the end of the song there is a haunting chorus that brings to mind desert mesa winds and spirits.

This Town has a light, yet somewhat aching sound.

Shotgun is a bit different. It tells about how everyone has a shotgun and everybody thinks they need one. It has some different references to things in the world that are being used as metaphors for life. It has some cool mandolin music.

Probably my favorite song on the album is Lightning. A love song, it has a great backbeat and sultry vocals. The chorus has kind of an anthem sound.

Trainwreck is all about a romance that is bad. Hence the song title. It has a cool, sultry, country-blues tone.

My other favorite song on the album is Shake It Off. It has a toe-tapping beat and smile effecting vocals. Daryl Johnson provides some fun vocals near the end of the song.

Windchill is a ballad that has fluid yet aching vocals.

Down To The Bone is a gentle song.

Wild Horses has a country lilt to it. It is a bit sad with beautiful vocals.

What I'm Saying has a light alt country rock sound. Listening to the song somehow made me think of Bonnie Raitt.

The final song on the album is Shine. It is a slow and gentle, country styled song. It has the kind of music that you could slow dance to. It is about rising above losing out on love.

In my review years ago, I called Amilia's music soft and gentle, but with a certain sultriness and sexiness. In the time that has passed since then, Amilia has refined her style even more. Life situations and love lost and found are common themes in Amilia's songs. But rather than sounding forlorn and world weary, Amilia's vocals are fluid and often gentle. Wow And Flutter is indeed an exceptional album.

You can find Wow And Flutter at your favorite online music retailer and selected traditional music outlets.

To learn more about the album, and Amilia K Spicer, visit her official web site at

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