Great New Series Starter From Paige Shelton

Bruce Von Stiers

Paige Shelton is the author of the hugely successful Farmer's Market Mysteries. Paige also has a couple of other cozy mystery series out as well. She recently came forth with a brand new cozy mystery series. This one is set in a fictitious ski resort town of Star City, Utah. Paige calls this series Dangerous Type.

The first title in this new series has released earlier this year. The title of the book is To Helvetica And Back. It was published by the Berkley Prime Crime imprint of Penguin Random House. It was published in paperback with 293 pages.

Clare works in her grandfather's shop, The Rescued Word. They repair typewriters and other older printing equipment as well as selling writing and printing supplies. Things get a little interesting when a friend brings in an older Underwood typewriter in to be fixed. Soon after the customer, Mirabelle, leaves the typewriter with Clare to be fixed, a man comes in to try to buy it. Clare refuses to sell the typewriter which brings about a confrontation between her and the man. A little later, Clare and her grandfather Chester, discover the man's body. Apparently he had been murdered.

This was a pretty decent set up for the ensuing investigation. Clare's best friend, Jodie, is a local police officer. She begins the investigation into the murder, although Jodie's brother Creighton is the lead police officer on the case. Added to the tension of the event is the fact that Creighton is Clare's ex-boyfriend. The relationship didn't end well and there is some definite resentment in the air.

What was so important about Mirabelle's typewriter that the man so desperately wanted to buy it? Was it the reason he was murdered? And just who was the murderer? Chester immediately becomes the prime suspect. But Clare is determined to clear him of the crime so she begins her own investigation, along with a bit of help from Jodie.

Paige Shelton always brings forth interesting characters in her books. There's the grandfather, Chester, who may have had a motive. Then there is Jodie, who desperately wants to help Clare, yet stay within the confines of her duties as a police officer. And then there is Clare, whose fierce loyalty to Chester may hinder her from finding out the truth behind the murder. But as with the lead character in other series by the author, Clare is strong willed and intuitive.

The author leads the reader down several different paths during the course of the book. Just when a plot thread brings forth some interesting clues, things point in a different direction. I was sure I knew the motive behind the murder, only to discover I was completely wrong. Which was great. It really isn't much fun when you guess the motive and murderer in a mystery right away and find out by the end that you were right. I always enjoy the twists and turns of a Paige Shelton mystery novel.

To Helvetica And Back was an enjoyable read. There will be a second offering in this series published in a few months. I can't wait to read it.

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