A Great Santa’s Elf Story

Bruce Von Stiers

There is a very cute and endearing Christmas tale out this year. The title of this book is Tinycandy’s Gift. It was written by Susan E. Estes. This delightful tale was illustrated by Mike Motz. The book was published by Big Tree Books.

The story is about one of Santa’s elves. This little elf was named Tinycandy. He wasn’t part of the great social scene of the whole Santa elf gig. Remind you of someone else? Rudolph perhaps? Instead of pointy elf ears, his were rounded like a piece of candy. Hence his name.

Santa takes a special interest in Tinycandy as he’s kind of an outcast. Later on in the story the other elves even call him Santa’s pet.

Tinycandy tried to design several toys but none were worthy of giving away. But Mrs. Claus thought that he might make a good baker. So she sets him out to bake some goodies.

But as luck would have it Tinycandy tripped up and the cane he used to help him walk around with fell to the ground. That’s when he came up with the idea for a cane shaped candy. He colored the candy with red and white stripes. That’s right. This is not only a story of acceptance, but a cute tale of how candy canes came into being.

Ms. Estes wrote a cute and entertaining story. The lines in the story rhyme so the flow is almost like a poem.

The illustrations are top notch with some harsh looking elder elves, a pretty one; gentle grandmotherly looking Mrs. Claus and a wonderfully drawn Santa.

One additional thing about the book. It comes with a CD. This CD has a read-along narration of the story done by Alan A. Moore. There are sleigh bell sound effects to indicate a page turn.

To learn more about Tinycandy’s Gift visit www.seecreativeconcepts.com.


© 2009 Bruce E Von Stiers