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Bruce Von Stiers

About three years ago, I reviewed an album by a band called Coastwest Unrest. One of the members of that band is Noah Dickie. He has had other projects in the works besides that band that he leads with his brother, Josh. One of those projects that Noah has worked on is another group called The Tell.

The Tell began as a collaboration between Noah and James McAlister. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, McAlister has worked with groups such as The National.

Noah and James brought some other artists together to record an album. The result is the eight song album titled Somewhere Right Now. The album was released on the Reclaim label.

On the album Noah plays guitar, bass and piano along with doing the vocals. James is on drums, percussion, synths, piano, mellotron, bass and guitar. Joining in are Josh Dickie on drums for a couple of songs, Tyler Chester on piano, synth, bass and guitar for two songs and Luke Vander Pol on bass for two songs.

Although Noah's roost are in folk, the songs on this album have a mix of different styles. One such difference is the song Burning. It has a rock foundation with cool guitar, synth and nice drums backing Josh, who sings about have a burning desire to be with someone.

KT is a mild song with some really cool music. Josh's vocals are very mellow on the song.

A lot of interesting guitar and drums can be found in the song Love Blood, California.

Nothing Missing is about introspection, looking to outside things for happiness.

Thoughts and Everything has some nice, almost early 70's light rock guitar styling.

The song, Outgrown, is mild and has some really cool background music. The rhythm of the vocals made me think of the storytelling of Lou Reed.

The title track, Somewhere Right Now, is a mellow piece. It reminded of mild 60's pop rock music.

Clap Clap is a too cool song. It has a head bopping beat and mild, yet at times harsh vocals.

Fans of Coastwest Unrest might find this album a bit of a change from what they are used to from Noah Dickie. He did take a somewhat diverse path from his past music. With the collaboration with James McAlister, this album provides a different stage to showcase Noah's music.

Somewhere Right Now has been out for a couple of months now. You can check it out on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and other streaming platforms.

The Tell has a Facebook band page where you can learn more about them. That page is


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