The Great Southern Rock Sound of Stolen Rhodes

Bruce Von Stiers

The Allman Brothers. The Marshall Tucker Band, Lynrd Skynrd. All of these bands have an honored place in rock history. Now there is a new band that just might find its name someday uttered with the same reverence. It is a band based in Philadelphia that sounds like they came right out of the middle 70's Southern Rock arena.

The name of the band is Stolen Rhodes. They have just released their debut album Falling Off The Edge.

Kevin Cunningham is the band's lead guitarist. Dan Haase is on bass and guitar. Eric Skye is the drummer. But on the album J.T. Dubosky provided the drum music. Matt Pillion is the band's vocalist and plays several instruments on the album. Also helping out on the album are James Doyle and Mike Mulligan.

The album was produced by Jake Gorski. All of the songs on the album were written by the band.

The album begins with a really cool classic Southern Rock sounding song called Keep Us Moving.

Blue Sky is the second song. It is slow and easy ballad with a Marshall Tucker kind of tone to it.

Peacemaker is a tough song with great guitar. Some sections of it kind of reminded me a bit of the music of the Rossington Collins song One Good Man. The bridge in the song is killer, digging deep into the band's Southern Rock influences.

Freight Train is a great ballad with solid vocals and terrific guitar.

All I Need is a moderate rock ballad.

Beautiful Way is a love ballad with nice music and lyrics that are sung with touching sincerity. Kind of a nice surprise is a sax solo in the bridge. And the guitar solo in the bridge is really good too.

One Day Everyday starts out like it might be a Stevie Ray Vaughn type guitar tune. But then things move into a smooth anthem mode.

Idle Ways is a sincere love lament ballad.

The album ends with the scorching title track, Falling Off The Edge.

I love classic Southern Rock. There aren't too many bands out there that can embrace that type of music and make it work. Stolen Rhodes is one of the few bands that I've heard that seem to have stepped directly out of the 70's Southern Rock era. The influence of that time can be distinctly heard in their music. And as such, for me anyway, makes Stolen Rhodes a band well worth listening to.

Falling Off The Edge is now available.

Check out the Stolen Rhodes Facebook page to learn more about them and to hear songs from the album. That page is .


© 2012 Bruce E Von Stiers