The Warner Kids Go Splat

Bruce Von Stiers

Coming back from their Gigantic Adventure, the Warner Brothers (Yakko & Wakko) and sister Dot have run into some trouble. They have entered into some kind of obscure Capture The Flag game. Armed with paint guns, the trio defend their ?flag? while trying to capture the enemy's flag. This new adventure is called Animaniacs Splat Ball. This game comes from the folks at Southpeak Interactive in association with Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and EAI Interactive.

The "flags" in this game are different colored balloons. Wakko, Yakko and Dot play against other Animaniac characters Thaddeus J. Plotz, The Director, Dr. Scratchansniff and Ralph the Guard. There are 72 separate games contained in three different playing environments. The environments are movie sets; a Western film set, a Sci-Fi flick set and the Warner Brothers Back Lot.

When the Warner Brothers, or Dot, get into a firefight with an opponent, they are using paint guns to attack the enemy. Shoot an opponent with enough paint balls and they will get sent to grab a shower. But be careful, they can do the same thing to you.

Play as one of the Warner kids. Whichever one you choose to play as becomes the Striker. This character is the only one who can shoot paint balls. If a Striker gets hit with too many paint balls, they are sent to the showers. Then the next character automatically becomes the Striker.

Along the trip to capture the flag, collect things like power-ups like ammo and weapons to help you get a leg up. There are other power ups like a Turpentine Pellet that can remove paint from a teammate when you shoot them with it. Try to get to the paint buckets that are located at various points in the playing field. This is the way to reload your paint gun.

When you have captured all of the opponent's flags, you have won the game. Then it's time to start over. There are three difficulty levels.

You can use LAN TCP/IP, LAN IPX or MSN GAMING ZONE to activate the Multi-player option of the game. Just set up a game with someone over the Net, and have at it. You will have a choice of being either the Animaniacs or the Bad Guys.

The system requirements for Animaniacs Splat Ball are as follows: Pentium 166 PC with Windows 95 or 98. You also will need DirectX6 and 32 MB of RAM. About 45 MB of free hard drive space is needed and a DirectX compatible video card with at least 2 MB of RAM on it. Of course a 4x CD-ROM drive is a must. If you're going to play over the Net, a 28.8 modem will be needed as well.

If you want to have fun with paint ball and the Animaniacs but don't want to get your clothes dirty, then Animaniacs Splat Ball is just the game to have. It has your favorite characters from the WB! Show and can be very addictive. I spent about four hours playing it after I installed the game (without even having a snack break!).

Animaniacs Splat Ball lists for $ 19.95. Find it where you get your computer games from. To see what other games Southpeak Interactive has, check out their web site at


Copyright © 2000 Bruce E. Von Stiers