Syndi's Slippery Slope

Bruce Von Stiers

Hilary Davis is a British actor who has been in such films as I'm In love With My Stalker.

A while back Hilary was in an episode of the web series Zoom Shorts. The concept for series is people from all walks of life giving their opinions and air grievances, all on Zoom. As in real life, the people in series have a lot of baggage, sometimes with unexpected consequences.

The episode Hilary was in is titled Slippery Slope. She plays Syndi, a woman who had been out celebrating her divorce. But something happened while she was partying. And now she's on a Zoom call, trying to figure out what happened and where she is.

Even though some of the episodes of Zoom Shorts are comedic in nature, this one has a more dramatic tone to it. Syndi is scared, not being able to recollect things. Was she roofied? Or had too much to drink and blacked out, having done things she couldn't remember? She talks about this guy, Tom, who she had been hanging out with. Was he somehow responsible for Syndi's current situation?

Her best friend, Nina, appears on a Zoom call as well. She's trying to get somebody to assist in finding Syndi. And then there is Syndi's sister, Anna, who is tired of bailing the girl out. Apparently Syndi has made a habit of risky behavior.

Nina was played by Bonita Elery. Besides being in episodes of Stargirl and Queen Sugar, she has played different roles in several episodes of Zoom Shorts and produced some of them too. Maria Sofia Palimeri was Anna. She has also played multiple roles in Zoom Shorts episodes and has been in films such as Orecchie.

Even though he's only seen in cut scenes, and we only hear Tom in the last scene of the show, he is played by Ken Holmes. He has been seen in several different television shows and has written and co-starred in additional episodes of Zoom Shorts, including this one.

Karen Klami was the director. She has been involved with the entire Zoom Shorts series as producer, director and screenwriter.

I hadn't ever watched a program or film with Zoom as it's basis before. I didn't quite know what to expect. It was almost like every actor was doing a monologue. But instead of an audience, they were speaking to a camera as if they were interacting with another person on Zoom. The acting was good, especially Hilary. You can almost feel her fear and confusion in her facial expressions and voice.

If you would like to watch Slippery Slope it is available on YouTube. The link to the episode is

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