Coming Into Frame With Sirsy

Bruce Von Stiers

“Little band, big sound,” is what the Boston Globe said about them. Little may describe the physical size of the band, but they definitely have a presence of a much larger group. They are a rock band called Sirsy and actually consists of two members, Melanie Krahmer and Richard Libutti. They have opened for Cheap Trick, Collective Soul and Maroon 5 among other top bands.

Sirsy has recorded a few albums. I recently had a chance to listen to their album Coming Into Frame. Self-released, the album was produced by Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade. This producing duo lists Radiohead, Uncle Tupelo and Hole among the bands they've worked with over the years.

As for who does what in Sirsy, Melanie does the vocals, drums and percussion. Richard plays guitar, bass, baritone, synths and stylophone.

Helping out on the album was Mark Frederick playing violin and cello on one song. Sean Slade played various kinds of vintage organs. And handclaps that are heard on certain songs are done by various sponsors of the band.

Coming Into Frame has ten songs and a play time of thirty-four minutes.

The first song on the album is Cannonball. It is a cool rock song with a touch of blues mixed in. The guitar is tough and the vocals slick. The song was actually featured on an episode of the Showtime series Shameless.

Lionheart is kind of an alt pop rock kind of song.

Picture is a mellow song with nice drum and guitar backing Melanie's vocals.

Brave And Kind is a fantastic ballad with vocals that sound like Melanie pours out her entire heart.

Killer has a pop rock tone to it. It's about watching your back because people tend to prey on others who seem weak. They band has a music video for the song. But the video has a story more like something you might find in the show Criminal Minds.

You won't be able to stop your feet from tapping to the song, Red Letter Days. There is some pretty cool classic keys styling that slips into the song.

Gold is a slower paced song. It is a somewhat sad love lament with interesting guitar and drums backing Melanie's vocals.

Lot Of Love is a mellow, toe tapping song about her having a ton of love for him, if he only would take it.

She's Coming Apart has a light pop rock sound but a somewhat dark message. She's lost it all due to some guy who took through hell. She probably won't recover. The song has some whistling in it, making the tone a little lighter than it might be otherwise.

The last song on the album is The Cost Of You. It is a fluid, yet sad love ballad.

Sirsy is one of those bands you might not have ever heard of before. I didn't know their music until I just happened upon them. But I became an instant fan. Melanie's vocals are great and the music has just the right mix of alt pop and rock to make the songs well worth listening too.

Coming Into Frame can be found on iTunes, and other digital and traditional music retailers.

Check out the official Sirsy web site at . Or check out their Facebook band page at





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