Another R & B Groove With Bunny Sigler

Bruce Von Stiers

In the last three years I have reviewed two albums by R & B singer / songwriter Bunny Sigler. One was an R & B flavored album with a bit of funk added in. The other was a Christmas album that put a slice of R & B into some classic holiday songs.

For those of you not familiar with Bunny, he helped create what was known as the Philadelphia Sound back in the early ‘70's. He wrote songs for some of the top R & B and funk acts for quite a while, including the O'Jays and Patti LaBelle. Someone tagged Bunny with the nickname “Mr. Emotion” and that seems appropriate as his songs tend to have a whole lot of emotion in them.

This year finds Bunny with a brand new album out. This one is titled Bundino and is being released on Bunny's label, BunZ Music and Records. The album was produced by Bunny and Noisette Saint Man St. Jean Jr. Noisette has worked with people such as Jenae Paden and Summer Valentine.

Noisette played the music on most of the songs. Bunny did the music on one song and there was some saxophone work from Sam Peaks. Sam's work includes albums by Evelyn “Champagne” King and Instant Funk. All of the songs were co-written by Bunny except one.

The album has fourteen songs and lasts just under an hour.

Let's Start The Show is first up. It serves as an intro to the rest of the album and is styled just like a concert intro for the headliner.

Is déjà vu really a thing? Bunny seems to think so in a song about immediately falling for someone he might have known before. The song is I've Been There Before and has a great mellow R & B sound.

True love transcends nationalities and racial boundaries. That is what Red or Yellow- Black or White is all about. It has a sound that mixes a little samba with Caribe.

Back into the R & B groove mode is She's Got The Good Stuff. She moves well and knows just what to say.

Losing a love, getting her back and trying to keep her is the theme of the slow and easy Now That I Gotcha, Got You Back.

A toe tapping groove can be found in the fun song Buttermilk and Cornbread.

Keep On Stepping has some rap mixed with cool R & B. He's giving her the boot after finding out she has been cheating on hm.

Moving back into the slow and easy side of things is Lavada. He sees and hears things all around that remind me of his true love.

The album also includes a terrific love ballad titled When I Think of You.

Anyone of us who has been hurt by love can relate to the song I Don't Give My Heart. He wants to go slow as not to get hurt again.

Another cool R & B song is Call 911.

A slight jazz tone can be found in Song For Sig. This one has some great sax in the background.

Making a mistake and having a one night stand is the basis for the song Forgive and Forget. He has to try to regain her love because he strayed and lost the love of his life.

The final song on the album is Stand Up. It is a fairly fast paced song about how you should stand up for the things that you believe in.

In one of my earlier reviews of Bunny Sigler's work, I said that he was still viable even after all of these years. I still stand behind that statement. Especially with the quality of the R & B songs on this new album. Bunny hasn't seemed to have lost a step in the forty plus years of putting out great R & B music.

Bundino will be released on May 12, 2015.

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