Burn's Violet

Bruce Von Stiers

I've reviewed a couple of albums from Shauna Burns. I like her music, which is kind of a mix of folk, alt rock and Celtic styling. Others have compared her stylization to Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O'Connor.

Shauna recently released a new album titled Violet. It contains 14 songs and lasts just over an hour. The album was produced by Shauna, along with James Clark and Sean O'Dwyer. Shauna wrote all of the songs on the album.

Shauna did the lead vocals on the album and played the piano and keys. James Clark provided percussion and played drums. Ryan Whyte Maloney played guitar and did some backing vocals. As this is a Celtic styled album there was backing cello music by Lindsey Spinger and Celtic Harp by Caroline Kemper.

Pass This House is the first song. It is beautiful yet haunting. There are great vocals and great piano and guitar.

Run Away is next. It has mellow vocals and a subtle sound.

I really liked the piano that begins Portobello. This has a bit of a light pop flavor.

Seaside Sonata began with a kind of folk styling that moved into a mild Celtic tone.

Little Song is the focus track for the album. It is a light and toe tapping pop/ folk tune with a slight Celtic influence.

Other songs on the album are Above Abiquiu, Orchid, Vienna and Mesilla. Twist has a cool sound and is more like an alt pop / rock song.

The title track, Violet, has some nice cello and a strong piano background. And closing out the album is a haunting song called See Her Again.

The songs of Shauna Burns are unique in that they incorporate Celtic with alt folk music. This provides an interesting and intriguing listening experience. This new album is a continuation of the styling that Shauna has become known for.

Violet is available on iTunes and other online music outlets as well as selected traditional retailers.

To learn more, visit www.shaunaburns.com .

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