Sexy Idiot

Bruce Von Stiers

The Complete Idiot’s Guides, just like the Dummies books, were initially designed for the computer world. Then these low maintenance self help books moved on into other areas. One such area that I thought would not be explored is sex. I was really wrong there. Not only is there an Idiot’s book about sex, it is pretty darn good. The title of this book is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex. It was written by Sari Locker. The book was published by Alpha Books.

The book has 434 pages. There are seven parts and a two section appendix. The book has four types of sidebars. The first is Sari Says. These are tips on sex and additional advice not put in the body of the book. The second is Lover’s Lingo. This is various terms that are described in detail that are related to sex. Sextistics is the third type of sidebar. Here Sari will give additional statistics that deal with sex and sexuality issues. The last sidebar type is Keep Your Pants On. The items in this sidebar type provide additional warnings and cautions about sex and sexual behavior.

Part 1 is titled Say Yes to Amazing Sex. There are five chapters in this part. The first chapter is Sexuality Today. This chapter covers things like the progression of sex from a revolutionary state to an evolutionary one. Find out how your love life compares with others and some basic Q & A about sex in general. The second chapter explores what you might, or might not know about sex. This chapter explores monogamy and one night stands. It also looks at whether love is needed to have sex with someone. And there is a quiz at the end of the chapter.

As fitting with the format of a Idiot’s Guide book, each chapter ends with a recap called The Least You Need To Know. The one for Chapter 3 lets you know that “love is a complex emotion that is often confused with infatuation.” Realizing that bit of information could have saved me heartache on more than one occasion.

Chapter 4 explores a person’s compatibility with a sex partner. It tries to help you evaluate what your needs, wants and sexual desires are. It also has a Compatibility Checklist that includes asking if “you both have t he same values about love, relationships and sex.”

The second part of the book is Secrets Below the Belt. The chapters in this part are about the various body parts and how they are used for sex. The sixth chapter is about getting to know your body better and being comfortable being nude around your sex partner. The chapter lists some steps to maintain a better body image for yourself. The seventh and eighth chapters deal with his and her body parts. Find out more about the prostrate gland and the vulva. The chapters also explore the ejaculation process for both a man and a woman. Chapter 9 is all about sexual responses. Find out about orgasms and how to bring your lover to one. And Chapter 10 is called Pleasuring Yourself. This chapter is all about masturbation.

Other parts of the book get into more specific things to make your sexual life better. Find out how to get your partner in the mood, in the 11th chapter, titled The Seduction. Sari covers oral sex in Mouthing Off, the 13th chapter. These chapters have interesting segment titles like Lick It, Lick It Good.

The book has chapters on sexual position, sex toys and conversation after having sex. There are also chapters on gay sex, pregnancies and sex and even one on older adults having sexual relationships.

Sari’s book has a lot of good information in it about getting the most out of sex. It is amusing at times, but never lurid or disgusting in its presentation of techniques or descriptions. Sari has written several books on this subject and has done the late night and daytime talk show circuit for quite some time. So she kind of knows a little something about what she writes in this book.

If you want to get some tips on how to improve your sexual relationships, then The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex is not a title to pass up. You can find a lot of information here and maybe even evolve into a much better lover by using the tips that Sari provides.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex can be found at book retailers like WaldenBooks and Barnes and Nobles.

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