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Bruce Von Stiers

Several months ago I wrote about the album We Are The Broken by Christian rockers Seventh Day Slumber. I really liked the album and was looking forward to their next one. Now the wait is over. The band recently released a new album. This one is an EP titled Redline.

There are five songs on Redline. It has a run time of sixteen minutes.

The current lineup of Seventh Day Slumber is Joseph Rojas, Jeremy Holderfield, Blaise Rojas and Ken Reed. Blaise is on drums and Ken is on bass. Jeremy is on guitar. And Joseph does the lead vocals and plays guitar.

The EP starts out with a hard hitting, head bopping song called Bring It On. It has some killer guitar. It is by far my favorite song on the EP. It is about how the battle for our salvation has already been won. And that we may be scarred but not down for the count.

The song Gone is about being so mired down in life that it seems we're too far gone. But God's love and forgiveness can bring us back. It has some very profound lyrics.

I'm too sure I understand what the lyrics of Hunger Strike. They include things like stealing food from decadents and that someone's farming babies. It's definitely a different song. But it has solid vocals and some pretty good guitar.

I'll Bleed is a hard rocking anthem with some tough in-your-face lyrics.

Lost In The Lights made me think of a couple of the songs in the band's previous work, We Are The Broken. It's is another great anthem. It's about finding fame but not fulfillment.

The songs that the band puts out seem to be about heartbreak and hopelessness that is turned around by the love of God. The lyrics don't sugar coat things. In fact, most are actually brutally honest, with raw emotion pouring out in the vocals. And the songs on Redline seem to make a point that although life can bring you to the brink, God's love can bring you back.

Redline is available at, on iTunes and other retailers.

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