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Bruce Von Stiers

I was always one of those guys who tried too hard or had the wrong approach to try to get a girlfriend. And when I did get one, somehow I screwed up and lost her. Eventually the right woman came along who made things click just right. But there are tons of guys who just can't seem to get it right, no matter what. For those guys, there is a book out that could definitely be of some help.

The book is Score: How To Win The Girl of Your Dreams. It was written by Kira Reed, the host of the Playboy TV newsmagazine show Sexcetera.

Kira starts out with an introduction where she kind of lines out how a guy could get “a great girl to like the real you.” And how to not be a player but be true and real.

Then there is Pregame. Here Kira tries to the reader to decide what type of qualities and attributes their “dream girl” needs to possess. Whether she likes hockey, has red hair, digs sci-fi films, old enough to appreciate Boy Dylan and not be gaga over teen idols or even wears stilettos to bed, these are the things that Kira feels a guy needs to list out for his perfect woman. And it needs to be written down and referred to often. Very often.

Kira has a seven step process for scoring with a woman. The first is for the guy to realize he really does have a shot. In this step, Kira lists five distinct myths about not getting the girl and dispels them. As nobody has the exact same criteria for the perfect girl, the guy is usually not at the bottom of a long list of possible suitors. And not being a hot guy can be a blessing in disguise. According to Kira, hot women love to be the center of attention. And being the lesser attractive partner brings a better focus on the woman. That may seem to be a bunch of hooey, but I've seen it myself. Back in the day, I had a friend who did catalog modeling. Hanging out with her and some of her model friends, I definitely saw that they liked to be the center of attention.

In the next chapter Kira details her second step, Clean Up Your Act. Being physically clean with clean hands, hair and skin is a must according to Kira. Having a dirty house, dirty car and a dirty mouth are apparently turn-offs to hot women as Kira sees it. And this chapter also provides several simple ways to achieve and maintain good health. Kira feels that good health and nutrition are also things that hot women are looking for in a man.

We all know that packaging is important. From things on a store shelf to print ads and commercials, the marketing and packaging can make a huge difference. The same goes for how a guy presents and packages himself to a woman. In her third step, Kira details how a man should package himself to be both physically desirable (clothes have a lot to do with it) and assert a certain confidence to be appealing.

Then it's on to Go Get Her. This chapter lines out Kira's fourth step. Going to the same places that the woman you want to be with is a major plus. So is getting involved in the same things she is. Places like art museums, cooking classes and even eating alone in a restaurant can transition into interacting with the woman. And the confidence that Kira hit upon earlier in the book can definitely come into play in this step of her process.

Next Kira takes the reader through the various scenarios of being a great date. She tells about practicing your positive spin and being interested in more than her breasts. Kira writes of finding things in common that can go far towards establishing a foundation for a relationship. And Kira cautions on talking about ex's of any kind.

Now that the guy has had a great date, he needs to take it many steps further. The sixth step brings the reader to a point that Kira calls Be The Biggest Deal Ever. Kira feels that even though the date might have been perfect, if he doesn't be more revealing about himself, make a good second impression on the second date and be complimentary, things may just fizzle.

The final step in the book is Score. This is the final stage in getting the girl and establishing the relationship. Kira covers things like home dinners, rendezvous at hotels and having a sexy playlist for an intimate interlude. In this final step Kira also goes into various sex options that could be explored and certain products that could help in kick starting the sexual aspect of the relationship.

I don't know how Score stacks up against some of the other self-help books on getting women. I do know more than a few of them just glorify the style of wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. You won't find that kind of thing in this book. Kira Reed takes the reader through many stages of self-awareness and not only how to get the girl but how to keep her. Kira is not a clinical expert but has enough life experience that she provides solid advice from the hot woman's perspective.

Score: How To Win The Girl of Your Dreams is available on and at selected online and traditional book retailers.

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