Danielle Finding Love Again

Bruce Von Stiers

Mary C. Ferrara has worn many hats in the filmmaking world. She has been an actor, a director, a producer and a screenwriter.

One of Mary's newest efforts is a comedy called Wallie's Gals. It is currently in post-production.

A couple of years ago, Mary put together this fun little short film. It is about getting dumped and finding a way to love again. The title of the film is Schmoopie.

According to slang, a schmoopie is someone who is adored by another person. It's been used in television comedies such as The Goldbergs. And the term comes up in episodes of Seinfeld. So there's basis for using the term as a comedic element.

The film stars Mary as Danielle. She reads a note from her significant other. The note says he has a new “schmoopie.” Thinking that she needs to improve her looks, Danielle calls a cosmetics company. Well, in talking to the customer service rep, Danielle is given a new direction and purpose.

Although the film is mostly a comedy, there are some dramatic moments. One of those is when Danielle goes to a park and sits down next to a guy with a dog. That guy is played by Michael Maggiani, who, besides acting in various feature and short films, is a well-known executive chef in Massachusetts.

Stephanie Eaton plays Gigi, the customer service rep who helps Danielle. Stephanie has been in feature films such as Eyes, a bunch of short films and co-stars in the television series, Testing.

Can Danielle find love again? Well, yes, but not exactly how she thought she would.

Schmoopie is a nice little film. Trying to find love after being dumped is a well-worn story, but Mary gives a tiny, rewarding twist.

Schmoopie can be viewed on YouTube. The link for the film is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrZzEc3oPzI

And if you'd like to learn more about Mary C. Ferrara, visit her production company, Call It A Whim Productions. The official web site for it can be found at http://callitawhimproductions.com/

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