The Uniqueness of Sarah Clanton

Bruce Von Stiers

Sarah Clanton is a cellist and vocalist. Sarah‘s music has people somewhat mystified as her “sound is unlike any other” as one person put it. Her vocals are sometimes sultry and sexy, other times mild and harmonious. These vocals front music that at times sounds a bit like alt folk rock. So it would seem that the music of Sarah is indeed hard to describe. And that's a good thing. That makes Sarah a unique entity indeed.

Sarah has just released a new album. It is a self-titled EP with five songs. The EP was produced by Sarah and Eric Loomis. It is being released by Hope Tree Entertainment. Sarah wrote three of the songs and co-wrote one with Richard Leigh and Tom Bettencourt and another one with Christian Lee Hudson.

Sarah plays the cello on the songs and does the vocals. Eric Loomis plays the guitar.

Hot To Touch is the first song on the EP. Sarah's vocals are sultry and passionate. The cello and guitar music make this kind of an alt rock love ballad.

The second song is an impressive alt folk ballad about unrequited love titled Tequila. Breathy vocals and a mellow sound in the song might bring forth a bit of tugging at your heartstrings.

In third position on the EP is a head bopping, melodic ballad titled 12th And Murder. It tells the story of a murder, a prisoner and exclamation of innocence. Not only are the vocals great, the guitar and cello make this a really slick song.

Slowing things down is Sweet Carolina. This is a rock guitar tinged ballad.

Sarah closes the EP with a toe-tapping song called Last Destination. The vocals are mild at points but somewhat higher and harsher. It's about a woman who hops from guy to guy and won't settle down.

As I indicated earlier, Sarah Clanton has a unique style of music. Not quite alt rock yet not quit alt folk either. Who would have thought that a cellist with a great singing voice could put together music that embraces both attributes?

You can purchase the EP from or directly from Sarah's web site. The site is There are music videos on the site for three of the songs on the EP. Sarah also has a band page on Facebook you can check out at

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