A New Factor For Dixie

Bruce Von Stiers

There is a new bounty hunter in Houston town. Her name is Dixie Flanagan and she used to be an Assistant DA. Now Dixie rounds up bail jumpers for a living. The first Dixie Flanagan book was called Bitch Factor. The new one is called Rage Factor. The author behind Dixie is Chris Rogers. Rage Factor was published by Bantam Books.

Dixie tries to get Lawrence Riley Coombs. He is wanted for a rape assault case. He thinks that with is family connections, he is above the law. Dixie wants to prove him wrong. In a takedown that goes wrong, Coombs beats up Dixie. But she gets her man. Sort of.

Dixie then takes on a bodyguard job for her friend Belle. It is for a precocious teenage daughter of a movie star. The actress had been getting threats and now they were gravitating to the daughter. While the mother is shooting a film is Houston, Dixie is to keep track of Sarina. That ends up being quite a chore. It seems that Sarina is a budding FX expert. She wants to be the next best special effects guru.

As Dixie runs Sarina around town, she tries to get a line on the threats. Who is behind the threats? A jilted lover? A disgruntled fan? Or just some wacko jacko?

There is also a vigilante group that gives Coombs a taste of his own medicine. Could Dixie's friend Brenda be part of the vigilante group? And who are the other people that are involved?

As Dixie tries to unravel both sets of mysteries, her relationship with Parker Dann begins to go down hill. Parker was the bail jumper that Dixie was after in Bitch Factor. They get together at the end of that book. And it looks like the relationship might end in this one.

As things come to a head in both investigations, both Sarina and Dixie's lives are in grave danger.

Rage factor is a great second effort by Ms. Rogers. This has all the trappings of a continuing series. I look forward to the next Dixie Flanagan book.


Copyright © 2000 Bruce E. Von Stiers