Sea To Shore Period Romance

Bruce Von Stiers

Jamie Carie is the author of several best selling romance novels. Her first novel, Snow Angel, won several awards as did the third, Wind Dancer. Jamie has now brought forth her latest effort, a novel involving an English heiress and an American rogue sea captain.

This new novel is titled Pirate of My Heart. It was published by the B & H Publishing Group.

The novel opens with a deathbed scene. A young wife has just given birth to a baby girl. Now dying, the wife has the husband make a promise to not to secure a husband for the daughter, but to let her follow her heart. This promise sets the tone for the entire novel.

The baby girl is Lady Kendra Townsend. Her father, Edward, is a pretty successful businessman. Kendra grows up knowing that her father was very lonely, never having gotten over the loss of her mother. Kendra, as a young adult woman, has yet to know love.

Enter into the picture Edward's brother, Andrew. He is a bit of a scamp and has apparently lost all of his money. Andrew comes to Edward for help in relieving his debts.

From there the story moves from a congenial, heartwarming tale to something akin to Cinderella's early plight. A tragedy occurs and then Kendra is at the mercy of her uncle Andrew. He tries to get her married off and then when that doesn't work out, ships her off to America to live with a relative.

The novel mostly takes place about twenty years after the Declaration of Independence. So the trappings of the novel surround England and America in their post Revolutionary War days. But the author doesn't spend a lot of time dealing with the locales and characters not essential to the core of the novel. To me that makes for a better story as you don't get bogged down with minute details that don't really add anything substantial.

It is on the voyage to America that Kendra could have possibly met her soul mate. That came in the form of the sailing ship's captain, Dorian Colburn. But he might be more of a rogue than a man of mystery. The reader finds out that Colburn has his own share of personal baggage to contend with.

As this novel is faith based, there are several references to God in the text. There are also short prayers given by the various characters.

There are several subplots in the novel that merge from time to time. But by the last page, each situation that had arisen had been pretty much taken care of. There could be a sequel coming based on a couple of the characters and situations that arose during the telling of the tale.

I thought that the novel was well written. The author gave the reader a clean and almost G rated tale of romance and angst mixed in with a bit of intrigue and danger. Treachery, betrayal, dowries, scheming women and men and a longing to find one true love are at the core of this fine romance novel.

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