Cool Synth And Guitar With Pet Fangs

Bruce Von Stiers

Pet fangs is an interesting band. They could be described as a garage pop / rock band. But they are really a lot more that. They have a sound that takes styles from the 80's and melds them with later and more current modes of pop and rock music.

Several months ago Pet Fangs released their latest album, Ultra Deluxe. Some of the songs on the album had previous airplay but some were new.

The band hails from Louisiana, where they honed their unique style. Brothers Joe and David Stark had a punk guitar laden duo called Baby Bee. Moving on from that band, the brothers teamed up with a bassist, Jory Cordy. Then Ben Alleman joined up with the guys to form Pet Fangs.

Ultra Deluxe has thirteen songs and a play time of thirty-nine minutes.

The album starts out with a short instrumental introduction. Then it moves into a slick pop tune, Barbarella, which pays homage to the 1968 Jane Fonda sci-fi, fantasy film.

Bitch, Baby is next in line. It has a cool pop groove with a lot of synth music. You could definitely make use of this song on the dance floor.

A subtle, head bopping beat can be found in Afterglow. It has some cool synth bits and pieces. You can almost hear the '80's pop sounds that might have influenced the music in the song.

Smile effecting synth music plays out in Costin Me Money, a short instrumental piece.

Partying every day and not being sure if it's a bit too much is the theme of the guitar and synth song, Problemz.

Racquet Skirt has killer background music and great vocals. I think that it's my favorite song on the album.

Another song that basically serves as an interlude is the mostly instrumental Hermanos y Hermanas.

Then the album moves into Candy, Baby. This slick pop/ rock piece got a lot early air play before the album's release.

She's A Killa has a really tough backbeat and an almost 90's spin to it.

A definite toe tapping beat can be found in Love Me The Same.

Slowing things down is the slightly aching ballad Didn't I Babe.

The album closes with another slow ballad, She's Alright.

Like I said earlier, Pet Fangs is an interesting band. They take elements from a couple of generations of pop and rock music and meld them into their own styling. The band has really good vocals and the guitar, bass and synth mix together for a unique, and very cool, sound.

The new album, Ultra Deluxe, has been out for a bit so you can probably find it at your favorite streaming platform or online music retailer.

If you'd like to learn more about Pet Fangs, their official web site is

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