Sieben's Great Awakening

Bruce Von Stiers

Patrick Sieben has performed in front of President Clinton and current Vice-President Joe Biden. From distant locales such as Ireland to his hometown of Hastings , Minnesota , Patrick's music has been heard by a wide variety of people.

Now a lot more people are going to be hearing the music of Patrick Sieben. He has just recorded and released his debut solo album. The title of the album is Awakening and was self produced.

Along his musical journey Patrick has been able to work with some very talented people. Some of these same people helped Patrick with the album. Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry wrote some of the songs on the album. Patrick wrote a few of them himself. One song one the album was co-written by Tommy Higginson of the Plain White T's.

The assists don't stop with songwriting though. Joel Shearer was on guitar and piano and Chris Beebie played bass. Ryan Hoyle and George Horn were on drums. Other musicians who played on the album include Paul Edelman and Mike Green with additional vocals by Daniel Switch.

There are nine songs on the album with a total playing time of just under a half hour.

The first song is a terrific pop rock anthem called Soul Awakening. You won't be able to stop your body from moving to this cool song.

Next up is Hollow. It has a stronger sound with a solid anthem tone. This is a song that is power pop at it's best. Patrick has sometimes been compared with Richard Marx. It is with songs like this that I can definitely feel the comparison is right on target.

Moving things into a slower mode is the acoustic guitar laden ballad Out of Reach.

There is a love ballad that is soft and gentle, Tomorrow In Your Eyes. It has an aching tone wrapped in a mellow pop music.

Kinda Girl is an acoustic guitar backed song that slides a bit into a R & B styling. There is some really cool guitar ala Santana in the song.

The Mess of Me is a haunting ballad with strong piano. Patrick was the only performer on the song.

For The Last Time has kind of like a Billionaire kind of sound to it.

Diamond has a light rock anthem styling.

Patrick ends the album with a strictly acoustic version of Kinda Girl.

With great help in the background and comparisons to pop icons like Richard Marx, Patrick Sieben seems to be making great strides with his music. This debut album should bring Patrick to a whole new level of popularity.

Awaking is available on iTunes and other online music outlets.

Check out Patrick's web site at


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