No Trace Of Ellen

Bruce Von Stiers

Gregg Main has written an interesting book of mystery and revenge. The title of the book is Every Trace. The Publishing Mills recently released an audio version of Every Trace. It is read by Fee Waybill, an actor and lead singer in the band, The Tubes.

When Ellen Donnelly was a little girl, her father was a successful businessman. One day, with Ellen in tow, he made a stop at the office; Ellen's dad interrupted a burglary. The end result was that the burglars killed him.

Now fast-forward thirty years. Ellen was now married to Pete and living in Dallas. After a fight when Ellen confronts Pete about an affair that he had, Ellen disappears. No one seems to know where Ellen went. Pete goes to Ellen's sister, Susan, and old family friend, Taylor Reed to help his find Ellen.

In the mean time, Ellen has landed in L.A. Of the two men involved in the death of her father, only one had been caught and convicted. Franklin Walker had served his time for burglary and accessory to the murder of Ellen's father. After being released from prison, Franklin had disappeared He finally landed in L.A., working in the warehouse of an adult video production company.

Ellen's plan is to kidnap Walker and force him to reveal the other man involved in the death of her father. It seems that Walker kept silent about the other man, even during the trial and his prison term. Ellen wanted to exact revenge on this man who killed her father.

As Ellen moves forward with her plan, Pete is trying to find where she went. He turns to the police with no help. Pete also has a friend try to break the encryption codes on some of Ellen's computer files. They might provide a lead as to where she went.

Through a series of events, Pete lands in L.A. determined to find Ellen. He hires Marvin, a post-retirement age detective, to help find Ellen.

And what about Ellen's plan? Well, it doesn't turn out too good. She ends up being the captive. What is Franklin Walker going to do with her? What does his former partner want to have done?

As Ellen tries to get out of her predicament, Pete desperately tries to find her. He and Marvin begin an exhaustive search for Ellen.

In a final confrontation in the desert, Pete and Ellen are reunited.

Every Trace was very good. The storyline was solid and entertaining. It made the point that revenge isn't always sweeter, just sometimes deadlier.

Every Trace can be found in the Audio Book section of bookstores like Barnes and Nobles. You can also check out this or other The Publishing Mills titles at their web site, Or just call The Publishing Mills at 800 72-AUDIO.


Copyright © 2000 Bruce E. Von Stiers