Niki's Life Coaching Series

Bruce Von Stiers

Niki Bolger is an actor. She has starred in several short films and been seen in a few features.

Aside from acting, Niki has been utilizing another skill. That skill is coaching people towards better, more fulfilled lives.

Niki has now put together a web series that places people needing coaching with experts who can offer guidance. The title of the series is Unlimit Yourself – Your Personal Breakthrough Show.

Niki has some specific ideas and goals with doing this web series. She believes that “ everybody has the ability to heal themselves and I am just guiding them to that experience.” And that she only sees herself as “the facilitator that helps the guests uncover their own truths. That way, they heal themselves, which is much stronger than anything else could be .”

There is a disclaimer at the start of each episode. It explains that the program is about coaching people to aspire to create a better life for themselves. It also state that the program is not therapy or counseling, and if such help is needed, that the viewer should seek assistance from a health care professional.

The episodes vary in length. Each one is at least a half hour long, most a lot longer than that. So far, Niki has several episodes from the first season of the series available. There will be a total of eighteen episodes for the first season.

At this point, the series is only on YouTube. But as things move forward, Niki might expand the series to other formats. And there is a possible podcast in the works.

The episodes are set up in a sort of video conferencing format. Niki is on camera first, giving an overview and introducing either the show's guest. After Niki interacts with the guest, another guest is added on. One of the guests will be providing insight and coaching moments for the other guest.

The first episode features a young man named Demetreus. He's a single father, who has many talents, including design, music and acting. But Demetreus lacks a certain level of confidence. Niki brings in Jennifer Nuez Whittington, a personal, soul and business development mentor. Through the remainder of the episode Jennifer offers Demetreus tips and exercises to perform to help build his self-confidence and to be able to rid himself of self-doubt. One big takeaway from Jennifer's portion of the episode is that the biggest obstacle in your way for better self-confidence is yourself. And that you can move beyond that obstacle.

Other episodes in the series deal with someone struggling with being overweight, a person who has a fear of being judged and someone who uses extensive work hours as a replacement for not have a significant other. There is a guest who has panic attacks, someone who is still grieving the loss of a loved one and a young woman struggling with a bad break up. The guests are from all over and all have distinct issues they need help with.

The issues that are brought up in the series are not unique. They are struggles that many people have. But Niki, through these episodes, provides advice and life coaching from experts that, hopefully, will help people overcome these struggles.

As I mentioned earlier, Unlimit Yourself, can only be seen on YouTube at this time. If you are interested in checking out the series, the link to it is

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