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Bruce Von Stiers

Faith Elizabeth has been the producer of several short films and has acted in several more.

This year finds Faith with a brand new short film. The title of the film is My Baby Cries. It is a drama that deals with a couple's trial of trying to be parents. Faith wrote the screenplay and produced and directed the film. The production company for the film was Faithful Films, which is headed by Faith.

The film opens with a woman crying in the bathroom. You see her feet in the shower with water and blood coming down around them. Later she is in a rocking chair, cuddling a baby in a nursery. The baby seems to cry a lot.

The woman's name is Sara. There seems to be something a bit off about her. But is it that's she's just tired and the strain of motherhood is taxing? Or is it something else? Her husband Abe seems to be strained as well, but somehow supportive of Sarah.

There is a nursery scene of Sara having finished changing the baby, it being wrapped up in a blanket. And then one where she is sitting on a park bench, with a stroller nearby. Her friend Emily is on a bridge close by. Emily looks a bit perplexed and hollers a greeting over to Sarah. What's going on there?

Things come to a head at the end of the film. I had figured out what was going on but was somewhat surprised at how the film wrapped up.

Oliver Asante plays Abe. He has been in several short films and is a cast member of the upcoming horror film, Bad Things. Megan Rose Buxton is Emily. She was in an episode of the crime drama series London Files and is in the upcoming horror musical Powertool Cheerleaders vs. the Boyband of the Screeching Dead.

Faith Elizabeth is Sara. I mentioned earlier that she has been in several short films. Those include Ragged Darkness, Watched and You Can Cancel At Any Time. She also produced the short films Watched, Struggle and In Flight.

Benjamin Thompson is the cinematographer. He has worked on such films as Invasion Planet Earth and Winter Edge. Editing the film was Emmalie El Fadli. Her work includes episodes of Angela Black, The Rising and Deadwater Fell.

My Baby Cries is a good psychological drama. There is a lot of tension between Sara and Abe. And there is just something off about how Sarah cares for the baby. The acting and camera work were well done. The editing was fluid, with smooth transitions between scenes.

The film has been getting a lot of attention at film festivals. It won the Best Debut Short Film Award at the 2022 London Independent Film Festival. And it was just nominated for the Best Short Film Award at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

There hasn't been an official general release date for the film as it is still making the film festival circuit.

To learn more about My Baby Cries, visit the Faithful Films website at


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