Mansion Works

Bruce Von Stiers

There is a rock trio who call themselves Mini Mansions. They recently released an EP titled Works Every Time. The EP is full of high energy pop / rock music.

The members of Mini Mansions are Michael Shuman, Zach Dawes and Tyler Packford. Shuman is also a bassist for the rock band, Queens of the Stone Age. Dawes was a bassist for The Last Shadow Puppets and contributed to the soundtracks for the film Hunger Games and the series True Detective and Nashville. Packford has been known to lend a hand to The Last Shadow Puppets and write music for filmmakers such as Jono Schaferkotter. For the purposes of Mini Mansions, Shuman plays the guitar, drums and does vocals. Dawes is on bass and drums. And Packford does vocals and keys.

The first song on the EP is the title track, Works Every Time. It has a pop rock hook and interesting lyrics.

Midnight In Tokyo has a cool dance track intro. Then things move into a kind of David Bowie kind of offset groove with solid vocals and a slick chorus. There is some really tough guitar in the song.

The third track is a fast paced, head bopping piece called This Bullet.

The fourth, and final track on the EP is A Girl Like You. It features Mike Kerr of the British rock duo Royal Blood. There are some retro riffs with ultra cool guitar and tough vocals.

Mini Mansions have been compared to bands such as Bananas In Clear Pajamas and Fountains of Wayne. A few fans have even compared the band to The Beatles, although I think that might be a bit of a stretch. They are really good though. The EP is a good way to showcase the talents of the band.

Works Every Time is available at most music retailers through the band's web site. That site can be found at They also have a Facebook band page at


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