Meter's Second Case

Bruce Von Stiers

Jack Meter was the lead character in an exciting debut sci-fi mystery novel by M.D. Benoit. This novel was titled Metered Space and published by Zumaya Publications. Now Benoit has brought Jack Meter back for a second adventure. This one is titled Meter Made and is a great sequel to Meter's first book. Meter Made is also being published by Zumaya Publications.

Meter shares an office building with Peter Winston. It seems that Winston has a client who has an unusual situation. He has a tenant building that has disappeared. Literally. This man, Garner, wants to hire Meter to find out what happened and get the building back.

Jack thinks that this new client is crazy. That is, until he tries to find the supposed missing building. Jack discovers that it is indeed missing. As are the people inside the building. But they aren't alone. Something, or someone, seems to be snatching up small bits and pieces of the universe. Why are they doing this and what is the ultimate goal?

I thought that this would be a brand new galactic mystery with an all new scenario. But Meter Made could actually be called volume two of an ongoing serial. The plot of this novel deeply intertwines with the one from the first Jack Meter novel. But that is actually a good thing. At the end of the first novel, the author left a lot of things up in the air, allowing for the reader's imagination to wander. With the second novel, Benoit clears up some of those things. But she also gives the reader some things to think about at the end of Meter Made as well. So there will no doubt be a third installment in the Jack Meter saga.

Meter had been involved with a group of aliens called the Thrittene. In his first adventure, Meter had helped them save their world. Now he might have to enlist their help to solve this mystery.

Meter meets a woman who, like himself, is looking into the missing pieces of the universe. Neola Durwin just might be able to best Meter. She is sassy, fast with a gun and apparently has her own agenda. She, like Meter, is able to flit between planets using a device similar to the one that the Thrittene installed in Meter's body in the first book.

Jack and Neola cross paths several times and almost become quite intimate. But just when it looks like things are going well, Neola does something that puts her ahead of Jack in finding the answer to the mystery. Not being very trusting of people anyway, Jack isn't being able to trust Neola at all. She claims to be an agent for an intergalactic investigatory agency. But is she really? And if so, what are her true loyalties?

Meter Made gives the reader an interesting scenario. Could actual pieces of the universe be displaced? And if so, what would be the reason to do so? Making a whole new universe? Possibly carving out the bad pieces, like removing cancerous cells? Or maybe just to have fun at the expense of planet dwellers everywhere?

I could tell you a little more of the plot, but that might spoil things for you. And that wouldn't be a good thing. Because this new novel, Meter Made, is well worth reading. It takes up where Metered Space left off, but you won't have to necessarily have read it to enjoy this one.

M.D. Benoit seems to have a very vivid and active imagination. This imagination transcends to the printed page well. Metered Space was a fantastic way for readers to get introduced to Jack Meter and his author. Now, with Meter Made, Benoit continues to make her mark in the world of sci-fi mysteries.

You can order a copy of Meter Made through the Zumaya Publications web site or through several online and traditional bookstores. The Zumaya site can be found at . While you're there, check out some of their other titles as well. They do have a lot of interesting and entertaining books.

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© 2006 Bruce E Von Stiers