Love And Redemption

Bruce Von Stiers

Marie Currie was at one time a rock artist. She and her twin sister, Cherie, performed and recorded some music together and appeared on many television variety shows. Marie and her sister were featured in the comedy film Rosebud Beach Hotel. She also worked as a mortgage banker for a while. The last several years Marie has been creating mosaic guitars and crosses that she sells on esty and through Facebook

About four years ago, Marie added a new item to her list of talents. She wrote a novel. And not a novel that has anything to do with rock music or that type of life. The novel is a spiritual journey for one family.

The title of the novel is The Narrow Road of Light. It was self-published.

The beginning characters in the novel are Robert and Samantha Kerns. Having met in college, they fell in love and got married. They tried for several years to start a family, but to no avail. Finally, when all hope was lost to start a family, a miracle happened.

This miracle is a baby girl that the Kerns find at the bottom of a rainbow after a storm. The story follows the journey of the Kerns as they try to do the right thing give the baby over to the authorities. But they want to keep the baby, if they are allowed to. In the end, they get to bring the baby girl home. They name her Angel.

The author vividly describes the actions that the characters take in the novel. At first I wasn't too sure if this was going to be a hindrance to the flow of the book. But Marie makes it work well. Also vivid are the descriptions of the New England coast line and other surrounding areas where the novel takes place.

Over time, various situations and circumstances arise that make the Kerns feel that Angel is indeed an exceptional child. A cancer ridden grandmother, an ailing dog, a deceptive reporter and a neighbor boy with an extraordinary illness all play prominent roles in the story.

The core themes of the novel are unrelenting love and redemption. Although it doesn't fall under the normal confines of a faith based novel, there are definite parallels.

I really enjoyed The Narrow Road of Light. The author makes the characters seem real and, for the most part, endearing. Marie Currie has written a very enjoyable and spiritual appealing novel.

The Narrow Road of Light is available at and other major retailers. You can also order a copy through Marie Currie's web site for the novel at

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