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Bruce Von Stiers

A couple of years ago I reviewed an EP titled Pretty Little Fool. It was from an indie rocker named Madysin Hatter. I found her music pretty cool. In my review I stated that Madysin had a presence that was hard to ignore.

Madysin has opened for some of rock's top acts such as Faster Pussycat, Buck Cherry and Great White. She has had appearances at venues like The Bitter End and Whiskey A Go Go.

Two years later, I am once again reviewing music by Madysin Hatter. This time, the material is a full album titled Lose Your Mind. The album has ten songs and a play time of thirty-eight minutes. Madysin wrote three of the songs on the album and co-wrote the others.

As with the previous effort, the album was produced by Brad Allen Williams. It was recorded by John Davis and Nolan Thies at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York. The mixing was done by Williams and the mastering by Scott Hall at Masterdisk.

Besides producing the album, Brad Allen Williams also played guitar on it. Bob Lanzetti also played guitar on the album. Michael League played bass on four of the songs, while Grant Zubritsky played bass on the others. Cooper Heffley was the drummer on the album and Justin Stanton played keys on four of the songs. Madysin did all of the vocals on the album.

The four songs that were on Pretty Little Fool are included on the album. As I had already written about them, I will paraphrase what I wrote about those songs. But the other six songs on the album were brand new to me.

It's All Good is the first song on the album. It is a rollicking rock and roll tune, with plenty of guitar and slick vocals.

Black Velvet Snakebite is a cool anthem that deals with not crossing her ‘cause though she might seem soft and gentle, her venom is lethal.

Rocky Road is one of the songs that was on the Pretty Little Fool EP. It is slower than the first two songs, a sort of aching love ballad. A lot of emotion seems poured into the song. The guitar is light during part of the song, but kicks out some really tough guitar going into the second verse.

Moving things back into a solid rock base is the title track Lose Your Mind. It is a heartfelt love lament anthem with killer guitar and great vocals.

From the previous work is its title song, Pretty Little Fool. It is a slick, yet somewhat haunting ballad with a cool pop / rock sound.

Then there is Jukebox Jive. It is a truly killer blues rock piece.

Never Knew is a beautiful, gentle ballad that slowly moves to a solid rock guitar crescendo.

Gypsy Rock has a kind of raw rock tone that might remind you of Joan Jett or Lita Ford. Once again, there is killer guitar and great vocals. It is another song from the Pretty Little Fool EP.

The last song that had been on the Pretty Little Fools EP is Lightning Strikes Twice. It has head bopping music with vocals that sometimes get throaty.

The final song on the album is This Last Time. It is an aching ballad with superb guitar.

Madysin Hatter has been slowly gaining a lot of name recognition. With sharp vocals and great backing music, her songs are being hitting playlists quite a bit these days. Lose Your Mind is a prime example of the talent that Madysin Hatter has, and continues to explode onto the rock scene with.

Lose Your Mind can be found on iTunes, and other digital and traditional music outlets.

You can check out Madysin Hatter at her official site at   and at her Facebook page at


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