Lua’s Flavorable World

Bruce Von Stiers

Lua Hadar was once a member of an all woman vocal group called The Kitchenettes. But as the members each went their separate ways, Lua began a journey as a solo jazz vocalist. She has just released her second solo effort, an album called Lua Hadar with Twist.

The nine track album was produced by Candace Forest. It is filled with wonderful jazz vocal tunes, one of which Lua co-wrote with Candace and Jason Martineau.

Lua’s background is extensive, if not a bit unusual. She received a B.A. in Theater Performance and was a New York actress for a bit, supplementing acting gigs with waiting tables for such performers as Sarah Vaughn. Demonstrating Cuisinart Food Processors at Bloomingdales and delivering singing telegrams are among Lua’s long list of jobs. Along her musical journey, Lua was privileged to have a five year stint with an Italian theater company in Verona, Italy.

With all of her varied jobs and travels, it isn’t too much of a stretch to learn that this new album has been dubbed as “flavors of the world.”

No jazz vocalist normally does things on their own. Good ones like Lua have pretty decent background musicians. This album has more than decent musicians. These musicians form Twist, the band that Lua chose to support her on this album. Jason Martineau plays piano and udu. Andrew Higgins plays both the acoustic and electric bass. Patricio Angulo is on Latin Percussion and Jim Zimmerman is on regular drums and percussion. Tony Malfatti plays the reed music and on accordion is Dave Miotke.

Floating Where I Have Never Been (Je Vole) is the first song. Sung mostly in French, it has great vocals and really good music.

Taking on a standard, Lua does a pretty decent job on the Johnny Mercer combo tune Twilight World / Dancing In The Dark.

Another wonderful French tune, Sous Le Ciel de Paris ( Under Paris Skies) is treated to Lua’s terrific vocals. The song has some rather nice accordion music as well. You could just imagine Lua performing the song in a Paris nightclub.

Joni Mitchell songs aren’t usually done well. But Lua does a better than average job on Joni’s song, All I Want.

No Border is the original tune that Lua co-wrote. It is a very interesting and entertaining song.

The late Dan Fogelberg had a terrific song called Longer that was on his Phoenix album. Lua puts a nice jazz emphasis on her cover of the song.

Siboney has a smooth Latin flair.

The other two songs on the album are Hi LIlli Hi Lo/ Les Chemins de l’Amour and Vorrei. Both have fluid vocals.

If you like your jazz vocals with a light French influence, then you will definitely like Lua Hadar with Twist.

The album is available through CD Baby and other online and traditional venues.

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© 2008 Bruce E Von Stiers