Finding Love In The Adult Film World

Bruce Von Stiers

A few years ago I reviewed a documentary about adult film stars and their fans called Love For All. It was an interesting look at the unique relationships that the actors have with their fans.

Now I have had the opportunity to check out another documentary about the adult film industry. This one is a short film documentary titled Love In Porn. It is about love and relationships for people who work in the adult film industry.

You might be surprised to learn that the film made it to the Cannes Film Festival. This was mostly due to the hard work that director Kseniya Yorsh put into the film. She also wrote and produced the film. Her previous films include the short drama film Unorthodox,the web series Meet-and-Weed and the documentary Poly.

Some of the other people involved in getting this film made were Justin Knodel as director of photography and Michelle Flores as assistant director. The editor on the film was Sophy Taylor and the film featured original music from Shea Waldorf. Executive producer for the film was Rauan Khassan.

The film begins with a couple sitting on a couch talking about their relationship. They are Alice Frost and Chad Diamond. Both are adult film actors. Alice talks about her background and how she got into doing adult films. She worked at Disneyland and then did alternative modeling. One thing led to another and she discovered that she could have a lot of sex and get paid for doing it on film.

Logan Pierce talks about how that every boy is interested in doing porn. That is, getting paid to have sex with a lot of beautiful women. He got into it by making connections on the west coast, saying that he'd like to try working in porn. Later in the film Logan talks about how difficult it is kiss his significant other in the morning and then leave to go have sex with a stranger on film. He believes in a monogamous relationship which contradicts the work that he's involved with.

Melissa Monet is an adult film producer and director. Her background was as a madam and then an opportunity came up to get involved in making adult films.

Dana Vespoli has been both in front and in back of the camera in adult film making. She talks about how her time away from filming includes doing things with her children.

Dan Leal talks about how the industry has changed and that now many aspects of adult films are interactive with the viewer.

But getting back to the couple, the viewer hears them tell about how their sexual relationship is different than it would be if they had sex on screen.

James Avalon does work as a cinematographer and director for adult films. He has a unique perspective on what the industry is like.

Carter Cruise and Michael Vegas also talk about relationships in and out of the porn industry. Vegas gives an interesting insight on the act of sex as a physical activity as opposed to sex and love as an emotional thing.

Matt Holder is a cinematographer who felt he had to adapt his ways of thinking while working in the industry as he was a family man.

Families seem to be a common theme in some of the interviews. Melissa Monet talks about how there are many single mothers in the industry and a few single fathers.

Dana Vespoli talks about separation of work from home life.

The film also delves a bit into the difference between fantasy and real love.

And relationships within and outside the industry are explored.

Some of the other people who were in the film, but weren't interviewed on camera, were Amazon Beard, Victoria Bondurko, Aidra Fox, Presley Hart, Jeff Koga, John Nystrom, Samantha Rone and Jodi Taylor.

The tag line for the film is “Finding Love When You Are in the Business of Selling Sex.” While the film doesn't get into all of the nitty gritty details of relationships of people in the adult film industry, it does show a tiny glimpse of it. The viewer learns that the fantasy world that adult films project doesn't spill over into the real lives of the performers. And that the people involved in the industry are often intelligent people who try to have normal lives outside of their work. I think that even though the film was short in length, it provided a sharp, concise view of love and relationships of people working in the adult film industry.

Due to the nature of the content, and a small amount of nudity, this film is considered to have a Mature rating. It has a run time of nineteen minutes and thirty seconds.

After Cannes, the film will travel to other film festivals and, sometime in the near future, have a public release.

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