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Bruce Von Stiers

A few months ago, I reviewed Sunset Avenue Sessions, an album that featured Lizanne Knott as one of the performer. I have also reviewed a solo album or two from her.

Lizanne's music has been called both alt-folk and Americana. But those two categories don't exactly nail down the level of music that Lizanne puts forth.

Lizanne has a brand new album out. The title of the album is Bones and Gravity. The album delves deep into life, love, despair and happiness.

The album was produced by Glenn Barratt, a Grammy winning producer and engineer. It was recorded at Barratt's Morningstar Studios. The album is being self-released.

On the album Lizanne does the vocals and plays acoustic guitar. Her studio band included Ross Bellenoit on electric slide, piano and acoustic and electric guitars. Ross has worked on other albums by Lizanne along ones by artists such as Micah Scott. Tom Hampton is on lap steel, dobro, mandolin and acoustic and baritone guitars. A much sought after sideman, Tom has played with the classic band Poco and Pure Prairie League. Chico Huff played acoustic and electric bass. He has played with greats like Dr. John and James Taylor. Ken Pendergast was on electric bass. His credits include working with Macy Gray and Melody Gardot. Erik Johnson is a member of the Philadelphia area band The Fractal and has played and recorded with a whole bunch of artists. He plays the drums and does percussion on this album.

Additional people helping on the album were Michael Ronstadt, Ron Jennings, Gary Oleyar, Ciara Grace and Glenn Barratt. Michael was on cello, Ron was on guitar, Gary played the violin and Ciara was on backing vocals. Additional backing vocals were done by Dan May, Antje Duvekot and John Conahan.

Melodic vocals can be found in the first song on the album, Walk Away. It's about her being done with waiting for him to come back to the life they had. So she's just going to walk away from it all. There is some pretty good guitar music backing Lizanne's vocals.

He claims she drug him down and extinguished the love they had. She feels differently and desperately need him or someone to love and to save her in the song Keep Me Alive. Lizanne's vocals are smooth with just a touch of achiness. There is some nice lap steel music in the song.

The title track, Bones and Gravity, has a mild ballad sound. Their relationship ended and now there is nothing left for her, as “everything we had was never meant to last.”

Caroline is a toe tapper about a woman who is everyone's worst enemy. This song also appeared on the Sunset Avenue Sessions album.

Lay Him Down is a cool ballad with some really tough guitar. It also great drum and a bit of ominous male backing vocals.

Emmylou is a mild but sad ballad.

Hurricane has a light, toe tapping beat. She lists the many things that make her wrong for someone.

Tired has longing backing music and mellow, but heartfelt vocals.

Doing things with kindness seems to come with a price in the song Kindness.

Like I Love My Dog has a kind of country flavor to it. It is probably my favorite song on the album. It's about how a dog is loyal and will love you unconditionally, while some people won't.

The final song on the album is I Was A Bird. It is a lost love lament with melodic, yet aching vocals.

I have been a fan of Lizanne Knott ever since first hearing her music several years ago. Her songs are definitely about the trials of life and the ups and downs that come with them. While others might have harsh or continually aching vocals, Lizanne presents hers with a smooth, melodic quality. The songs on this new album are a reflection of the path she has taken in life.

Bones and Gravity is available now. To learn more about the album and about Lizanne Knott, visit her official web site at

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