Kissing And Other Things With Lake Street Dive

Bruce Von Stiers

A while back I saw a great music video from a band. I found out that the album the song was from had been out for a while. And that they were working on a new album. That new album is out now and I thought I'd check it out. The album is fantastic and so is the band it comes from. They have been on Conan, Late Night With Stephen Colbert and The Tonight show.

The band that I am referring to is Lake Street Dive. The new album is titled Free Yourself Up. It was released on the Nonesuch Records label. All of the songs on the album were written by the band.

The album has ten songs and a play time of forty-three minutes. It was produced by the band and Dan Knobler. Dan has produced acts from Captain Coconut to Rodney Crowell and has recorded with both Rosanne Cash and Judy Collins.

The members of the band are Michael Calabresse, Bridget Kearney, Mike Olson, Rachael Price and Akie Bermiss. Michael plays the drums, does percussion and provides backing vocals. Mike is on guitar, trumpet and, as the album cover states, “maybe vocals.” Akie does the keys and backing vocals. Bridget plays bass and does backing vocals. Rachael provides the lead vocals. Jamie Dick provided additional drums on one song.

The music of Lake Street Dive is a mixed bag of different genres and styling. There is a lot of soul blended with pop and rock. Apple Music lists their music as both indie rock and alternative.

Things kick things off with the toe-tapping, seemingly R & B influenced Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts.

Pop and blues are mixed together in Good Kisser. Sad, yet smile effecting vocals and great music. He told her he misses the other woman and she was basically his side thing. And, if he's going to tell everyone about their fling, then “tell them I'm a good kisser.”

Shame, Shame, Shame has a kind of pop sound. It has a head-bopping beat and nice lead and backing vocals.

I Can Change is a ballad with great guitar and heartfelt, almost aching vocals.

Dude has a bit of a pop rock sound. It is about him not spending time with her and too much time with his friends. She's asking if he'd like her more “if I was a dude.” This is the song that Jamie Dick helped out on.

Red Light Kisses is a cool groove with tough keys and guitar backing Rachael vocals. It made me think of ‘80's R & B tunes.

Doesn't Even Matter Now has a mix of rock and R & B.

You Are Free blends groove styling with pop. The album's title can be found in the lyrics of this song.

Must Have Been Something is a beautiful, yet sad ballad.

Hang On closes out the album. It has a pop and R & B sound.

I had a feeling, even before listening to the first song that I was going to like this album. And I was right. Not only is there terrific music, Rachael's vocals are fantastic. The styling of the band's music is such an eclectic mix that it makes for an amazing listening experience.

Free Yourself Up can be found on amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other music retailers.

The official web site for Lake Street Dive is You can watch the Conan performance for Good Kisser there, along with learning more about the band. They also have a band page on Facebook at

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