Carr's Exit Moon

Bruce Von Stiers

I've reviewed a couple of albums by jazz guitarist Kenny Carr. And I've really enjoyed them. Kenny's latest effort was just sent to me. Titled Exit Moon, it is an album filled with cool groove tunes.

Kenny has got some serious chops. He attended the Berklee College of Music. He toured with the Ray Charles Orchestra and Ray Charles Trio for over ten years as the lead guitarist.

The album has nine songs and a play time of fifty-three minutes. It was released on the Zoozazz Music label. Kenny composed all of the songs on the album.

For the album Kenny enlisted the help of Andy Hess on Bass and Tony Mason on drums. George Laks helped out on the Wurlitzer. One song included Frank Russo on drums and Tom Baldwin on bass.

Perpetual Motion is the first song. It is a slick groove tune with excellent guitar.

Bicycle Theory is a bit more subtle. It has a sound almost like it would be a light Santana song. The song has some great Wurlitzer music in the middle.

Chicken Wings starts out with some strong drum. Then the guitar and bass slide in, mixing things into a cool groove.

Old School is just what the title indicates. It is a classic jazz blues styled song in the vein of B.B. King.

Influences of the compositions on the album come from both the jazz and rock worlds. That is very apparent in the song Keep Me Rolling (On The Road). It is subtle, yet has some cool rock styled riffs.

Earth People is simply a slick R & B styled groove. There is a bit in the middle where someone has a smoky verbal overlay. And at the tail end of the song, there are some harmonizing vocals.

Morioka is a light samba styled song.

Light House is another song that seemed to be influenced by the rock world. It is kind of a mild ballad. Excellent guitar and keys music is on the song. This is the song that Frank Russo and Tom Baldwin help out on.

The title track, Exit Moon, is the final offering for the album. It was a fun, head bopping, hip moving groove.

There are some artists that I've reviewed multiple times. As I mentioned earlier, Kenny Carr is one of them. I really liked Kenny's previous albums and wondered if the new album would be as good. And it was. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I like this one the best of all. Not only is there great guitar from Kenny, but he's got some terrific talent working with him on the album.

Exit Moon is available on iTunes and on CD Baby and

Check out Kenny's official site for additional information. The site can be found at


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