Not Taking Her Blues Away

Bruce Von Stiers

You don't have to come from Memphis or the Mississippi delta or New Orleans to be a killer blues band. One of those blues bands hails from Southern California. Kelly Zirbe is a fantastic vocalist and her band is called Kelly's Lot. And the band has recently released their eleventh album, which is titled Don't Give My Blues Away.

Kelly does the vocals for the album. Joining her is Bill Johnston on saxophone, Dave Welch on trumpet, Robert Dill on drums and Teresa James on piano. Fred Mandel plays the B3 and on guitars are Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca.

The album was produced by Perry Robertson with co-producing credits going to Scotty Lund and Bill Johnston. Scotty and Perry did the album's engineering with Scotty doing the mixing. The album was mastered by Sonic Vision Mastering. Kelly and Perry wrote all but one song, which was written by Kelly and Rob Zucca.

The album has some very cool blues tunes. Reason For The Blues is one such song. There is some pretty tough guitar and organ backing Kelly's terrific vocals. The horn music helps sell this as a slick blues piece.

Revolving Door is an in-your-face song telling off a two-timing man to get it right or go away. The horn and guitar solos are great.

Why Don't We is a tough bit that for some reason made me think of The Blues Brothers and Buddy Guy.

Getting deep down into the aching blues feeling is Woman's Love. It has killer guitar to start out with. Then Kelly kicks in with vocals that are a bit bluesy and a bit torch singer. The killer guitar comes back strong during the middle of the song.

Toe tapping music is found in Taking Time. I really liked the vocals in this one.

Right Now had a tone that made me think of Stevie Ray Vaughn. It has slick guitar and horn that bracket too cool vocals by Kelly.

Rolling back to some toe-tapping classic blues styling is Boom Boom Boom. You probably won't be able to sit still while listening to this one.

Speeding things up a bit is Don't Miss Love. It has an almost honkey-tonk feel.

Stateside has really good trumpet and drum as its intro. It's a light blues tune about wanting her military man to come back home.

Later in the album is a hard hitting blues song called That Fool. Not only are the vocals great, the blues guitar is excellent and the horn and other music makes this really cool blues.

Hush Up has lyrics that the album's title comes from. It is a toe-tapping song that tells him not to be telling people so much about her ups and downs. There is some great guitar in the middle.

The album ends with the rollicking piece. Better Way.

Don't Give My Blues Away is definitely an album that mixes classic blues with touch of R & B for a unique styling. While a few of the songs have that aching, torch singer vibe to them, most of the album has a lighter, somewhat party atmosphere to it.

Kelly's Lot has just what it takes to become one of the top blues bands. I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about the band in the near future.

Don't Give My Blues Away is available on iTunes, and other online and traditional music retailers.

Check out the Kelly's Lot official site for further details. The site can be found at You can also find the band on Facebook at



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