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Bruce Von Stiers

John Schlitt has had a long and varied career. He first came to the limelight as the vocalist for the ‘70's rock band, Head East. Schlitt then had a short solo career where he labeled himself as Johnny. After that, he joined the Christian rock band, Petra.

After Petra disbanded in 2005, Schlitt once again launched a solo career. He has recorded a couple of albums since then. Along the way, Schlitt has been part of a couple of other faith based bands.

This year finds Schlitt with a new project. The project is a solo album titled Go.

Go has eleven songs and a play time of forty-five minutes.

I don't have a specific task list for the album. The press release states that Dan Needham, John Lawry and Mark Lee Townsend were responsible for producing and engineering the album.

Usually at this point of a music review, I list the additional artist who played on the album and what their backgrounds are. Unfortunately, I don't have that information available to me. But, again referring to the album's press release, Schlitt recruited an “ A-list musicianship from some of Nashville's finest” to play on the album.

The album opens with the title track, Go. It begins with a head bopping, bongo sound intro. Then things move into some subtle music and vocal. Right away things go back to the head bopping sound. In between there is a bit of mid-range rock music.

Feel It has a stronger rock vibe. It has some cool guitar and drum backing solid vocals by Schlitt.

Taking It Higher is a tough, rock fused tune that is reminiscent of Schlitt's Petra days.

Fighting The Fight is a light and gentle song. It sort of reminded me of the music of Michael W. Smith.

Just Let Go is a head bopping rock tune.

Time Keeps Rollin' has a strong drum and guitar backdrop for solid vocals by Schlitt.

Where Would I Be is a cool song about how God has driven his life forward, when he could have easily drowned in life's temptations.

Nice, acoustic guitar can be found in Find A Way.

“Where is the truth, where has it gone?” is one of the lyrics of Fake News. It is a pretty decent rock anthem dealing with how he believes we are being held hostage by news that isn't accurate and not letting God lead our lives.

Let's Go has pretty tough guitar and solid vocals by Schlitt.

The final cut on the album is Not Dead Yet. It is a cool, toe-tapping, head bopping rock anthem.

I was a fan of both Head East and of Petra. I was looking forward to a great listening experience with this new album by Schlitt. I was not disappointed. The vocals are really good and the rock flavored music definitely harkened back to Schlitt's Petra days.

Go should be available at your favorite music retailer.

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