Catching Flies With Jana

Bruce Von Stiers

Jana Peri is a New York based rock music performer. It was a bit over sixteen years ago that I first heard Jana's music. At that time she had recorded an EP that was getting a lot of praise. I checked out the EP and ended up writing a review of it.

Flash forward to just a couple of months ago. I was going through old emails and other stuff from artists that I've reviewed in the past. I decided to try to reconnect with some of those artists. Jana was one of the artists.

Although Jana has continued to perform and write music, she has only recorded a single here and there. Her last full album was recorded several years ago. But that album is still popular and Jana performs songs from it in her shows.

I decided to check out the album. I am glad I did. I really liked the album.

The title of the album is Catching Flies With Vinegar. It was released by Hot Jupiter Music. The album has twelve songs and has a play time of forty-five minutes.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Rey. He also played guitar and pedal steel on one song. His credits include writing and recording with the Ramones and producing Ronnie Spector.

Jana did the lead vocals and played guitar on the album. Jim Stellato played bass and did some backing vocals. A Long Island native, Jim is now based in Japan and plays in various bands there.Rob Holm was the drummer for the album and did backing vocals. His work includes a couple of albums by Bill Popp & The Tapes and playing with Boomer Brothers.

Scott Treibitz played piano on one song. Adam Erdos played the saxophone on the same song. Scott has worked on albums by Skylar May and The Lizards. Adam is a solo musician who also happens to be a music educator out on Long Island.

City Beat is the first song. It is a fast paced punk rock tune. Listening you might think of Suzie Quatro. In fact, Jana's music is sometimes compared with Quattro's

New York Proud slows things down just a bit. It has a darker tone. But it has a fluid, Joan Jett feel to it.

Go Ahead is a ballad with a super cool guitar bridge. The song keeps up with a theme from Jana's earlier work of love that has gone bad, or perhaps was never really there.

Cab Driver is an interesting song about interpreting a dream. She kind of knew her path but does she really know the way she's heading? The song has a moderate pace and some nice vocals backing Jana.

The music in All Your Fault kind of made me think of classic songs from The Animals or other ‘60's rock groups The sax kicks in for a smoking solo partway through. And then there is some subtle piano planted in the song as well.

I'll Be Gone is a toe-tapper that has an almost rock country sound.

The title track, Catching Flies With Vinegar, is a head bopping punk rock song. Having a love that is too sweet with ultimately fail. So she's “offering my honey with a shot of bitters on the side.”

The Boy From Bayonne is a slower paced ballad.

L.A. Girl is a fun, fast paced pop rock piece. There is some really cool guitar in the song.

Shed A Man is a mellow song that kind of reminded me of Belinda Carlisle.

Lust is a killer punk rock anthem. They should have love but all's that between them is lust.

I Wanna Rock is the final song on the album. It is a pure power pop rock anthem about shedding off other styles of music. Because “all I want to do is rock.”

Jana Peri has a musical style that is a mix of punk and power pop rock. The music is solid and the lyrics catchy. Even though this album is several years old now, it still resonates with a great rock sound.

Catching Flies With Vinegar is available on many streaming services and at selected music retailers.

To find out more, visit Jana's official site at Jana also has a Facebook band page that you can check out at

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