The Faithful Music of Holly Starr

Bruce Von Stiers

You might not have heard the music of Contemporary Christian singer / songwriter Holly Starr before. I definitely hadn't. But I recently received Holly's latest album. And I became an instant fan once I listened to it.

The album is titled Everything I Need. It was produced by Scott and Ed Cash. Additional producers were Chris Stevens and Chuck Butler.

While listening to the new album, I did some checking on Holly's credentials. It seems that she's already had two Top 25 singles on the Contemporary Christian music charts. That's not an easy thing to do for an artist who is just 24 years old. But Holly apparently has been around for a bit, having released her first album in 2008.

Through Me is the first song. It is a cool, pop flavored, toe tapping song. It is about how God's love shines through us onto others.

Never Going Back is a pop rock anthem that Holly wrote from her own experiences. I didn't mention this before, but Holly co-wrote all but one of the songs on the album. But back to the song. The song came from a point in Holly's past where she dealt with self-image problems. But finally through prayer and the love of God she overcame those anxieties. That grace Holly felt is the basis for the song.

The title track Everything I Need is a wonderful pop flavored ballad. It's about how Jesus has everything we need in our lives.

Another great praise ballad is Sunshine. Once again Holly sings about how the love of Jesus shines over us.

Forever Faithful is about being faithful to God in all we do and all we are.

My Father's Love is a beautiful ballad. Holly sings how we are never alone and how God really does make us safe in his arms.

The closing song is God Is. It is a slow and endearing ballad.

Holly Starr has a powerful faith in God that shines through in her music. This album was a great way to be introduced to Holly's music. I have a feeling that Holly Starr will soon be one of the top names of Contemporary Christian music.

Everything I Need is available on iTunes and Google Play.

To learn more about Holly, visit her official site at .

You can also find Holly's artist page on Facebook at


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