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Bruce Von Stiers

I met Katy Kinard about ten years ago. She was on tour with another singer / songwriter whose album I going to review. I was very impressed with not only her music, but Katy's stage presence as well. Soon after, I reviewed Katy's album, You're Still Better. Then seven years ago, I reviewed another album by Katy titled Lullaby Hymns. Needless to say, I have been a huge fan of Katy's ever since we met.

Katy tours the U.S. several times during the course of a year. But she never stops writing music and working towards a recording another album. This work has cumulated into an album that Katy released several months ago. This album is titled God of Fireflies.

The new album has eleven songs and a play time of forty-three minutes. All of the songs on the album were written by Katy.

On the album Katy had former members of the Rhett Walker Band playing background for her. Kevin Whitsett was on upright and electric bass. Joe Kane was on electric guitar. He also helped engineer the album and did the mixing. Kenny Davis played several instruments, did some background vocals and programming and also helped engineer the album. In addition to all that, Kenny also produced the album. Mark Siegel was on strings. Matt Wright was on piano, organ and Rhodes. Becca Bradley, who has toured with Francesca Battesilli, played the cello. Tammy Rochelle Bamber, Skye Reedy and Jennifer Holm provided background vocals. Each of these vocalists have successful solo careers, so it bodes well for this album that they chose to sing on it for Katy. As for Katy, she plays the piano, guitar and does the vocals.

That's Our Home is the first song. It is about the daily struggles of life. And what beauty and wondrous things are waiting at the end of our life journey. It is a terrific song to start to album out with. It has great lyrics and music and beautiful vocals.

Whereas the first song was light, the next song has a stronger, heavier sound. It is God's Doorstep. The song has an almost blues tone to it. The song has a lot of piano backing Katy's vocals. Katy sings here with a lot of passion mixed with a touch of angst. The song deals with how we get caught up in our social trappings and lose our way to God.

Be Like You is a song that Katy wrote about a real conversation that Mother Teresa had with a woman who visited with her. It is a beautiful song. Even though woman and Mother Teresa had walked different paths in life, each showed love as God would have them do. Not only are Katy's vocals great on the song, the background vocals and music are terrific as well.

The title track, God of Fireflies, is a song that is very gentle. It will tug at your heartstrings as you listen to Katy paints a lyrical picture of the beauty of nature that God gives us all. Especially that the children can see these simplistic, yet wonderful gifts from God.

When You Found Me has a kind of pop anthem sound. Natalie Grant came to mind while I was listening to this song.

Sunshine has a lighter, alt-folk touch. A love song, it has great vocals by both Katy and her background vocalists. And there is some pretty decent guitar in the song as well.

Things slow down with God Of Hope. It is a great song about people who aren't sure their gifts and talents are enough. And for God to show us the way to use those gifts for him.

I first heard the song, Human For Me, when Katy recorded a music video for it. It is a beautiful song about the birth and life of Jesus. And how Jesus did not take the easy way of life that he could have as the son of God, but was human in every way.

Just The Same is an anthem about not having someone not having confidence in what and who they are. And that it isn't too late to change their life to reach that goal.

Still is a soft and heartfelt love ballad.

The final song on the album is Revelation 3. It is a haunting pop styled anthem about the last days on earth with fluid, yet somewhat aching vocals. The backing vocals add to the slightly haunting effect.

Katy Kinard has often been compared to top names in the Christian music world. And to a few in the Country and pop worlds as well. But as her song styling might sometimes be similar in nature to those artists, Katy has a very unique and beautiful voice. God Of Fireflies is a fantastic way to showcase Katy's talents both as a songwriter and a vocalist.

God Of Fireflies is available on iTunes, amazon.com and other online and traditional music retailers. You can also order the album, or individual songs directly from Katy's web site.

The official Katy Kinard web site can be found at http://katykinard.com/

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