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Gabrielle Stone has been in many films including The Competition, Death House and the upcoming Killer Rose. Aside from acting, Gabrielle has also directed and produced films.

Now Gabrielle can add author to her list of accomplishments. She wrote a book that dealt with her life, heartbreak and healing. The title of the book is Eat, Pray, FML. The book was self-published and has 280 pages. The FML in the title stands for Fuck My Life. That directly correlates with two sets of circumstances in Gabrielle's life and how she dealt with them. As with the title, the F bomb is utilized a lot throughout the book.

Gabrielle was born into an acting family. Gabrielle's mom is Dee Wallace, who was the mom in E.T. and was terrorized by Cujo. Her dad was Christopher Stone, who made guest appearances on countless television programs along with co-starring in several films.

The journey that Gabrielle takes the reader on begins when she discovers her husband of less than two years had been cheating on her. And with a nineteen year old young woman. And that the affair had been going on for months. Gabrielle details how she tried to find an answer as to why he cheated. She ended up leaving him and the marriage.

Interspersed with all of the stuff about her husband, the reader learns about Gabrielle discovering her father dead in their home. And that a former boyfriend also died tragically. Was this a sign that all of her relationships were doomed to fail?

Apparently not, for soon after she leaves her husband, Gabrielle meets and falls immediately in love with another guy. Javier was an actor also. The two seemed to have a lot in common and just clicked. In fact, they were so good together that they decided on going on an extended trip to Europe together.

But it seems that Javier had a ton of his own baggage to deal with. And so, a couple of days before the trip was about to start, the plug was pulled on it. Javier was going alone on this trip.

That is basically the preamble to the journey that Gabrielle finds herself on. Gabrielle tells about how hurt and devastated she is by the whole situation. And that she decides to go on a trip by herself. She would go to some of the same places that they would have gone together. But not at the same time. This trip ends up being a journey of self-discovery. Why did she fall so hard for Javier? Can she find a way to help him get rid of the emotional baggage that is weighing him down?

A portion of what Gabrielle tells about in the book had been posted on Instagram and other social media. I saw some of it myself on Facebook as Gabrielle posted pictures of herself in different settings with commentary on what was going on with her at the time.

One of the things that Gabrielle puts forth in the book is something she calls the Thought Onion. That is, thinking about something and then peeling away all of the layers until you get to your core thoughts on the matter. It's not a totally original concept but Gabrielle does put an interesting spin on it.

Besides all of the drama, the reader learns about all of the interesting places Gabrielle goes to and the interesting people she meets and interacts with. She hangs out with people she meets in hostels, on the street and in clubs. Gabrielle even kisses and tells about a couple of one-night stands she had.

This book is part travelogue and part self-healing dialog. Along with traveling throughout Europe, Gabrielle does quite a bit of soul searching. Her marriage is over. Good Riddance. But can she find happiness with Javier? By her own admission in the book, she tended to be drawn to guys she had to fix. Discovering how to love yourself and not have to be in love with someone else to survive are two of the take-aways from the book.

As I mentioned earlier, I knew a bit about what Gabrielle was going through from her posts on social media. But I really didn't understand the extent of her heartache and self-healing journey until reading the book.

Eat, Pray, FML is certainly an interesting book. Can you move on from a broken relationship to one with someone who is broken? Can you help that person heal while you're trying to heal yourself? Gabrielle deals with those things and a lot more in the book. The reader might scratch their head and wonder how Gabrielle could put up with all of this drama in her life. But others might just think, hey, good for you Gabrielle.

Eat, Pray, FML is available on amazon and through other major book outlets.

Gabrielle does have a web site dedicated for the book. You can learn more about the book, and Gabrielle, there. The site is


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