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John Hagee is a controversial conservative pastor who heads up the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Some of Pastor Hagee's views were expressed in a recent book he wrote titled Four Blood Moons. The book is said to take a look at the supernatural links between biblical prophecy and celestial events. Not having read the book, I can't really offer an opinion on what was written. But I do know that in general, Pastor Hagee's views are far more conservative than my own.

After it was published, a docudrama was filmed based on the book. The video of Four Blood Moons was recently released.

Along with the video release, there is also a soundtrack album based on the film. The album carries the same name, Four Blood Moons: The Motion Picture Soundtrack.

There seems to be a trend lately for knocking together soundtrack albums to promote a film or video production. Not that it's a bad thing, but I'd like to see more of the songs in a soundtrack album actually be part of the film.

Four Blood Moons was released by Inpop Records in partnership with Difference Media. Difference Media is a division of Cornerstone Church.

Mat Kearney has seen his music soar on Contemporary Christian charts. This album features a song from Mat's 2011 album Young Love. The song is Sooner or Later. It is a cool pop / rock song that deals with not letting things get you down and you'll reach your goals someday.

Consumed By Fire is a Southern Pop / Rock band out of Oklahoma. Earlier this year they signed with the Inpop label and expect to have an album out sometime in late fall. For this album, the band contributed their song Walk Through The Fire. The song was influenced by scriptures found in Matthew and Isaiah. It's about having faith and that we can walk with Jesus no matter what chaos the world is experiencing.

There is a Newsboys song on the album. I wasn't familiar with the song's title, In Wonder. I found out that the song was from the band's 2006 album titled Go, an album that I never got around to buying. But as I listened to the song, I remembered hearing it. It is a fantastic song about the great world that God has created and how wonderful he is.

Sandy Parker is the daughter of John Hagee and one of the principal partners in Difference Media. She also has performed and recorded with her family's group The Hagees. Sandy has a song, Amazing Savior, on this album. It is a soft and gentle song about the love that God has for us.

Another member of the Hagee family, Matthew Hagee, is a member of the Southern Gospel quartet, Canton Junction. The group has song, Weep No More, on the album. Strong vocals and mild almost rock anthem sound music make this an interesting song. It was also written and recorded to be part of this album.

Digging back into some of the work of some of the past albums that Inpop released, is the song Is It Ever by the JJ Weeks Band. The song is from the band's 2013 release All Over The World. It is a cool pop rock anthem.

Although she's not a member of the Hagee family, Keila Alvarado is deeply involved in Cornerstone Church. She is the College Arts Worship Director for the church. Keila is also a terrific vocalist. She has a great song on the album called Heaven Speaks.

Ricardo Sanchez is now the Music Director for Cornerstone Church. He is also a recording artist whose beautiful song Your Kingdom was done especially for this album.

V.Rose is a Christian pop artist who is starting to make a big splash. She sings about God's grace despite all of our faults in the song In Spite Of It All. The song is a terrific ballad.

Besides being the Worship Pastor for Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, Justin Unger is also a singer/ songwriter. Justin has several albums out. His new song Something's About To Change is great. It is the closing song for the album.

Great artists and songs are on this album. Some of the music is brand new and done specifically for this album and others were solid tunes from the Inpop catalog. I don't know if the subject matter of the film and book would be to my liking, but I really did enjoy the music from this album.

Four Blood Moons is available on iTunes, and other selected online and traditional music retailers.

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