Hot Steamy Sex The Fairy Tale Way

Bruce Von Stiers

There have been a lot of writers who have taken fairy tales and added a dangerous and deadly twist or two. And there have even been some who changed those tales into something akin to a bodice ripping romances. Very few writers actually get into the lust and sex that could emanate from classic fairy tales. But those few writers bring forth daring, steamy and lustful revisits of those tales that we all grew up with.

There is now a volume of short stories that drip of lust and sex, all the while wrapped up in classic fairy tale trappings. The title of this volume is Fairy Tale Lust. It has a subtitle of Erotic Fantasies for Women. The book is being published by Cleis Press.

The book starts out with a foreword by Angela Knight. She wrote the best selling novel Guardian and several others. Angela tells about how we have always wanted to delve into the seamier, sexier underbelly of fairy tales. And that the stories contained here seem to fit the bill quite well.

Besides writing the romance suspense novel Dangerous Curves and having her work in over seventy-five publications, Kristina Wright took the time to edit this volume. The stories that Kristina chose for this volume are delicious morsels, being hot and nasty interpretations of some of the world's best loved fairy tales.

The first of the lusty tales in the volume is The Obedient Wife. The story was written by Delilah Devlin. There was a miller who had a beautiful daughter. He allowed men to pay him money to ogle her naked body. But he was holding out for a huge dowry for her to be betrothed. The daughter on the other hand had more grand ideas. She performed, for money, fellatio and other things on the men who came to ogle her. The daughter wanted to gather enough money to go away from there for good. All of a sudden a man beast came to the miller with enough money that the daughter now became the beast's property. Well, things get even lustier in that part of the story than the writer had done in the first part. The story has very little true romance but instead has hot steamy sex. Both the miller's daughter and the beast get something out of the relationship.

How The Little Mermaid Got Her Tail Back is a tale with modern trappings. A woman with certain desires alienates her husband who leaves for a sedate soccer mom. The woman then meets a man and they end up running a club together. The main attraction at the club is a large fish tank. The woman is supposed to wear a mermaid's costume and stay in the tank. Well, in between there are some circumstances that set up the whole thrust of the story. It is an interesting and titillating story that was written by Andrea Dale. Both domination and women's desires are key elements of the story.

The third story is called Ducking and is a version of the ugly duckling tale like you've never read before. It involves a woman who lived and looked kinda frumpy. An awakening occurs and all of a sudden she's a titillating temptress. This interesting tales was written by Craig Sorensen.

Justine Elyot comes in with a tale called Three Times. It is a tale of lust, strong will and magic. There's a princess being held prisoner by a set of vines. One potential rescuer is a girl named Selina. Her manipulations of the princess's sex while trying to free her are extremely erotic.

Ellie And The Shoemaker is a fun tale written by Louisa Harte. Trying to do something nice for your boss and ending up with screaming hot sex is what this story is about.

Then there is The Pub Owner's Daughter. Written by Alegra Verde, this tale is about a young woman's quest for sexual relief. How she finally finds it is in true erotic fairy tale fashion.

A man breaking into a house finds a young woman there, apparently dead. But what ensues is a hot, steamy sex tale that while the plot line is easily discerned, is quite intriguing to read. The tale is called Sleep Tight and was written by Janine Ashbless.

Shanna Germain has a story in the collection called Her Hair Is A Net, Woven. It is a tale that has seduction in a marketplace, albeit a strained interlude.

Allison Wonderland gives the reader a delightful turn on the princess and the pea fable with her story Mind Your Peas And Q's. Finding a rightful suitor while lusting on a stack of mattresses with a pea under them can be a bit of a problem.

In The Dark Woods is from Kristina Wright and deals with an extramarital affair that goes slightly awry. Both sex and religion play a strong role in the story.

Another delightful tale is a variation on the Goldilocks fairy tale. This one is Gildi And The Unwieldy, Ineffectual Committee of Bears. It was written by Jeremy Edwards and features Gildi, a singer / songwriter. She has a gig at a college campus and can't seem to find the room she'll be sleeping in. Gildi is horny and just wants to take care of it herself. That is if she can get some privacy. This is such delicious fun; it is one of my favorite stories in the collection.

Frosted Glass is a haunting tale that comes from Aurelia T. Evans. Then Carol Hassler has a bizarre but titillating story appropriately called Gingerbread Man.

A secretary finally has a chance to get her man in the story All In A Day's Work by Saskia Walker.

You can just imagine the kinky things that go on in a story that's titled Big Bad Wolf (An Excerpt). This is a great story written by Alana Noel Voth.

The Kiss is from Michelle Augello-Page. It is a sensual story whose underlying plot I didn't get until the very last paragraph. Very intense and alluring.

Charlotte Stein has a strange but oh so steamy tale in the collection called The Return. A man returns home after a trip to Japan and the wife reaps the steamy result of a sexual encounter with a possible imposter.

The final story in the collection is from A.D.R. Forte. The title of the story is The Stone Room. It's about a man who allows himself to become an S &M slave. The sex and slave doings are spelled out in graphic detail.

Fairy Tale Lust is a very appropriate title for this collection. Taking classic fairy tales that have a hint of sex and then exploding them with overt eroticism makes for a delectable, delicious and lustfully entertaining read.

Fairy Tale Lust is available through outlets like and Barnes & Noble. It can also be ordered directly through the publisher's web site at


© 2011 Bruce E Von Stiers