Park Benches And Faithful Lives

Bruce Von Stiers

John Paul Carinci is an insurance agent, public speaker and author. His non-fiction work includes The Power of Being Different and An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed. Carinci's novels include a couple I've reviewed, Better Off Dead and Defying Death In Hagertown.

This year finds Carinci with a new novel out. The other novels I reviewed from him were mysteries. This new one has a bit of mystery to it, although it is not of that genre. It is a novel of life and redemption, faith and love. The title of the novel is The Two Lives Of Everett Quinn. It is being published by Christian Faith Publishing.

The novel is a narrative of sorts. The person behind the narrative is a high school aged boy named Brian Sanchez. The reader meets Brian as he is being interviewed by a police detective about a break-in of a car. While not exactly a delinquent, Brian does have his share of troubles. He's not doing well in school, hangs out with the wrong crowd and is being raised by his mom, a single parent.

A walk in a park near his school brings Brian into contact with a homeless man. He stops and talks to the man who has staked out a particular bench in the park on which to live. Brian learns that the man's name is Everett Quinn.

Mr. Quinn imparts Brian with some sage advice. From that point forward, Brian visits Mr. Quinn on a daily basic. Brian quickly learns that Mr. Everett, as he's called, provides advice and life lessons for many people, both homeless and otherwise.

Brian also learns that Everett has another personality. This personality, as described by Everett, is Philip Haverson, an Englishman, who had Everett's spirit before him. Mr. Haverson comes out at unexpected moments.

As the novel progresses, Brian becomes more and more entrenched in the life of Everett. As a result of a tragic incident, Brian learns of a whole different Everett Quinn than he knew of.

Throughout the novel, the advice and life lessons are faith based. Mr. Everett talks a lot about how God can help you and what God expects of us. There are several times in the novel where there is prayer, either being done as private thoughts or spoken out loud.

When I began reading the novel, I wasn't quite sure about it. Knowing it would be faith based, I wasn't sure if it would be really preachy. Some faith based novels tend to let sermonizing take over the storytelling. But here the author does a good job of blending life lessons and stories that Everett tells to emphasize a point with his strong belief in God. And that all of those who come in contact with Everett seem to become better people because of it.

I enjoyed reading The Two Lives of Everett Quinn. The author took an experience that many of us have encountered, a homeless man on a park bench, and made a nice story or life, love, faith and redemption.

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