Erasing Your Past Memories

Bruce Von Stiers

How far would you go to be able to forget the most tragic events in your life? The most horrific memories? That is the foundation for a thriller film titled Erasure.

John Loeb is a therapist / social worker at a mental institution. His wife died in a gruesome way. Every day, John relives the memory of finding his wife dead and the surrounding incidents. When a colleague, who is a neuroscientist, suggests there is a way for John to erase those memories, will he jump at the chance?

John is played by Dane' Shobe. He is a veteran of stage. I have seen Dane' in several productions at the Topeka Civic Theatre. Also co-starring as the colleague is Shawn Nyberg. I've also seen Shawn in several stage productions, including a couple where he and Dane' shared the stage.

In fact, most of the actors in this film are from the theater community of north east Kansas. Jim Ramos plays Dane's boss in the film, Max. Jim and Dane' have shared the stage together, most notably co-starring in Superior Donuts.

Bethany Ayers plays Amber, who is John's co-worker and who he has formed an attachment for. I have seen Bethany in Avenue Q among other stage productions. Craig Boliver plays Benjamin King, the person at the center of John's horrific memories.

There is a scene in a restaurant where John has a turning moment. Morgan Tritsch and Sara Kennedy play waitresses in that scene. Sara also has a scene at the end of the film that ties in with the restaurant scene.

John can't let go of the past and makes a decision that has long lasting implications.

Additional actors who appeared in the film include Susan Bandy, T.A. Bonnewell, Ashley Vaughan, Amy Gilchrist, Angela Davis and Amber Dickinson.

Erasure has a run-time of seventy-five minutes. It was released as non-rated. The film was an independent production. Released by Verve Media, Erasure was written and directed by Andrew Snell. He was his own production company, Sunrunner Films. Andrew was involved in the horror film Exposure that I recently reviewed.

The thought of being able to eliminate a person's worst memories is intriguing. Could the solution that the neuroscientist comes up with in this film actually be possible? Who knows? But it does make for a good set-up for the film

Erasure doesn't have a lot of super intense scenes. But there are several scenes where the psychological drama is very strong. The acting was well done, with pretty decent characterizations.

Erasure is available as a video on demand offering from Amazon and several other streaming services. You can also obtain a DVD copy of the film as well.

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