28 Days With Dorothy

Bruce Von Stiers

Dorothy is a rock band. They were formed in 2014 and have been pretty successful. Their debut EP had a couple of songs that became instant fan favorites. That was followed up in 2016 by the well-received album Rockisdead. This year finds the band releasing their third album, 28 Days In The Valley.

The sound of Dorothy has been called edgy; bluesy rock. At times their styling has been compared to both Black Sabbath and The White Stripes. I think that some of their music is also a nod to 70's and late 60's rock as well.

Dorothy Martin is who the band is named after. She does the lead vocals. The rest of the current lineup of the band is Owen Barry on guitar, Jason Ganburg on drums and percussion, Leroy Wulfmeier on guitar and backing vocals and Eliot Lorango on bass and backing vocals. Nick Maybury is not in the current lineup but played guitar on the album. Bill Mohler played bass on the album. Damon Fox played keys on a couple of songs and Linda Perry did the keys on one.

28 Days In The Valley has thirteen songs and a play time of fifty-three minutes. It was produced by Linda Perry. Roc Nation was the label that released the album.

Flawless starts off the album. It is a killer rock ballad with super cool vocals and tough guitar. It is probably my favorite song on the album.

Who Do You Love is a fast paced song with vocals that definitely reminded me of Grace Slick.

Pretty When You're High has somewhat aching vocals that are in front of some very cool bluesy rock guitar. It is my second favorite song on the album.

Mountain harks back to the 60's flower children tone with a touch of blues amid melodic vocals.

Freedom has a bluesy rock tone. It has a strong backbeat, tough guitar and hot vocals.

I used to listen to early 70's rock albums with my friend at his older brother's house. Even though we were too young to catch most of the nuances of the music, we still dug it. One of the songs on this album, White Butterfly, made me think of those times.

For the title track, 28 Days In The Valley (Interlude), the band goes a slightly different route. The song has an almost alt folk rock sound to it.

On My Knees has a strange intro that segues into a tough, guitar laden vibe.

Black Tar & Nicotine is a super cool rock and blues piece.

Philadelphia has Dorothy with smoky, sultry, yet moody vocals. The song has some slick guitar.

Ain't Our Time To Die begins with some tough Tom Petty class of guitar and continues on with tough vocals and great guitar.

We Are Staars is a cool 60's rock styled song.

We Need Love has a kind of Grace Slick/ Jefferson Airplane late 60's kind of vibe.

I knew that the band Dorothy existed but didn't know their music before listening to this album. Now I'm wondering why. The music of this band is very cool, not only channeling past decades of great rock music, but putting their own unique stamp on the world of rock music. Dorothy Martin has fantastic vocals and the rest of the band provide a terrific musical backdrop.

28 Days in The Valley can be found at most music outlets.

The band's official web site is http://dorothytheband.com/ They also have a Facebook band page at

https://www.facebook.com/itsdorothysucka/ And if you want to check out this band and others offered by the Roc Nation label, visit their site at http://rocnation.com/

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