Norrec’s Nightmarish Armor

Bruce Von Stiers

One of the top selling PC game franchises is Diablo. The first Diablo game sold millions of copies and the second one set a record for being the most pre-sold game in gaming history. Now, along with the games, fans can sit down and read about the world of Diablo. Pocket Books is publishing a series of novels based on the story lines from the Blizzard Entertainment games. The first in the series is called Diablo: Legacy of Blood. It was written by Richard A. Knaak.

Norrec Vizharan is a warrior who finds himself in a chamber filled with dead bodies and riches. He sees some armor and decides to don it. This proves to be a big mistake. It seems that the armor is controlled by an evil spirit. This armor can do all kinds of evil things on the body of the right, or wrong, person.

In another part of this world that is Norrec’s, there is a General who is called Augustus Malevolyn. He learns about the armor from a sorceress named Galeona. She is Maelvolyn’s lover and somewhat partner in things.

And yet another person is interested in this armor. A female warrior named Kara Nightshadow. She is looking to get the armor and destroy it.

The plot lines for each character move along separately for a while and then converges. There are mighty demons and spirits at work, trying to aid Malevolyn in his quest to secure the armor from Norrec. The warrior himself would like nothing other than to be relieved of the armor, but it has a powerful hold on him. And Kara will go to any lengths to find Norrec and strip him of the armor.

The story is not too bad, although the demon filled armor plot device has had similar incarnations. We find Malevolyn betrayed by Galeona, only to see her betrayed as well. Norrec will try several ways to rid himself of the armor and Kara is on a search to find him.

If you like stories of necromancers, sorcerers and demons, then Diablo: Legacy of Blood is a book to have in your collection. There is a lot of violence in the book, but it isn’t done in a blow by blow gore fest that you might imagine.

Look for Diablo: Legacy of Blood at your favorite bookstore. Or you can order the book from either the publisher or Blizzard Entertainment. The publisher’s web site is You will find Blizzard Entertainment at


© 2002 Bruce E. Von Stiers