Connecting With Dave Schulz

Bruce Von Stiers

Dave Schulz has been a sought after studio and touring musician and backing vocalist. After several years of supporting acts like the Goo Goo Dolls, Berlin and The Rembrandts, Dave decided to branch out on his own.

Having a wealth of experience performing and recording, it was the perfect opportunity for Dave to record an album of his own. Having made a ton of industry connections over the years, Dave drew on these experiences and put together the aptly title album, Connect.

With no label interested in paying for the album, and very little money, Dave still got it done. He relied on good friends and connections in the music industry to put together Connect. The result is a ten track album full of refined material.

A few of the people helping out on the album was Daniel Lanois, Tony Levin and Mike Porcaro. Robin Dimaggio and Randy Cooke also helped out. Lanois has worked with Peter Gabriel and Levin with King Crimson and Seal. Dimaggio has worked with Paul Simon and Cook with Dave Stewart. And Porcaro was a drummer for Toto.

The album starts out with a light but heart wrenching pop flavored tune called Everything. Dave has some good vocals and interesting keyboard work on the song. He co-wrote the song with his sister Gretchen Schulz, who also does backing vocals on it.

Fanatic has a power pop sound that might make you think of old Richard Marks tunes.

One of the songs that I liked the best was Perfect Day. Toe tapping music begins the song. Then it settles down into a semi moody tempo. The vocals are really good and the chorus picks back up so you will be bopping your head during it.

A slow burning lament with tough piano is Lovers. Postcards is another interesting throwback song.

Say The Words is an aching losing love song.

Bluesy, R & B styling make Back To Me a very cool song.

Near the end of the album comes one of the strangest covers I’ve ever heard. I like Jimmy Buffet. I’ve heard some of his songs covered over time. Some were good, while others weren’t. But definitely the most unusual cover of any Buffet song is Dave’s interpretation of Margaritaville. Dave’s version features a mix of New Orleans funeral march and Mexican mariachi music. The vocals even take on a different context with this version. If you didn’t know the song, you’d never think twice about it being a good song. But diehard Buffet fans would probably call sacrilege. As for me, strange or not, Dave’s version is innovative, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Back to the toe tapping pop mode, Stay is a losing love and trying to gain it back tune.

Inside is an aching ballad that ends the album.

Connect is a very good pop rock album. Dave Schulz shows on the album why he has become one of the top session and tour supporting vocalists and musicians in the country.

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© 2009 Bruce E Von Stiers