Miraldi's Rock Band

Bruce Von Stiers

Dan Miraldi cites varied influences like Elvis Presley, The Ramones and The White Stripes. His sound is a little pop, a little rock and a lot of energetic fun. Dan has played with a few bands, including being a founding member of the Washington , D.C. area band The Silver Liners.

Dan has an all new EP out. It is called Rock N Roll Band! Dan hails from the Cleveland area so the title is very appropriate. The EP has five songs and was produced by Dan and Jim McKell.

Along with singing the lead vocals, Dan plays guitar, organ and does percussion on the EP.

Dan had some help on the EP. He gathered up the people who were in his backing band, the Albino Winos. Joe LaGuardia was on bass. Joe has gained popularity in the Cleveland area band Motter Flynn. Then there is another regional performer on lead guitar and backing vocals. This would be Alex Bowers. And drummer Sarah “Luf” Luffred has played with bands like You're Among Friends, played alongside Dan in a band called Cherry Flavored Elevator and, like the other members of Albino Winos, has been a part of Dan's earlier solo efforts.

We Both Know is the first song on the EP. It starts out with moody, anthem like music. Then it moves into a slow, moderate pace with vocals that has a slight achy edge to them.

The next song is a fun, toe-tapping, hip swaying tune called You've Got To Hurry. There is good guitar and the backing vocals fit well with Dan's solid vocals. The song kind of made me think of both early ‘80's easy rock and ‘70's bubble gum pop.

Mystical Queen has an almost sock-hop, Beach Boys sound in parts.

And the song that follows definitely fits into the sock-hop, 50's & ‘60's rock style. It is the title track, Rock N Roll Band! It is a smile effecting tune with good vocals by Dan, cool music and very, very good choral sounding backing vocals.

The fifth and final track on the EP is Give & Take. It is another good song with solid music and vocals. The lyrics are funny too, with Dan singing about why he and his girl should go to a party “when you only use my heart for karate.”

Fun, smile effecting lyrics and hip-swaying, toe-tapping music is the mainstay of Dan Miraldi's style of rock. I really enjoyed the EP, as it dipped into the vast well of rock-n- roll history and came up with a sound that spans several decades of great pop and rock music.

You will find Dan's official web site at http://danmiraldi.com/index.html . There you can hear samples of Dan's music as well as show times and locations and other information.


© 2011 Bruce E Von Stiers