Cindy’s Nasty Tutorial

Bruce Von Stiers

Zumaya Publications has some really interesting fiction titles. They also have a few interesting, and intriguing, non fiction titles. One of these non fiction titles that drew my eye was called Why Should Guys Have All The Fun. It is listed in the Erotica section of the Zumaya web site. The book was written by Cindy X. Novo.

This book is not for the timid reader. It is a bold, in your face guidebook for women who want an active sex life and don’t know how to go about it.

Cindy starts out the book by relating a story that involves advice from her grandmother about throwing soiled panties against a wall. From then on things keep rolling downhill.

Cindy gives the reader a quiz. It is called Test Your Sexual Conquest Awareness. The questions have multiple choice answers. The scoring for correct answers, according to Cindy, is a direct reflection of how much or little the content of the book will help you.

The book has four parts to it. The first part is called Going To School: Learning to Beat Men at Their Own Game of Sexual Conquest. The first chapter in this part has the quiz that I mentioned above. The second chapter has the answers and discussion for questions Cindy lets you know things like “the more he flexes his muscles at you, the more likely he is to be in love with himself.” She also tells a woman to lie about who she is when meeting a man for the first time in a place like a bar or a health club.

The third chapter lets you know which sexual position Cindy thinks is the best. Ever considered Sidesaddle? Cindy covers several positions and the pros and cons of each. The fourth chapter debunks some of the sayings that guys have like “it’s not what you have, but how you use it.”

Moving on up to the eighth chapter, Cindy produces a chart that gives acidy responses to dumb questions and comments that men will make. Then she follows up with a scorecard for how well a guy is actually doing for a woman’s sexual pleasure.

The thing about this book is if it were written by a man, it would probably be a best seller, or at least praised in magazines like Playboy. But haven been written by a woman, it probably has a limited scope of people who will even hear about it.

Why Should Guys Have All The Fun is vulgar and extreme. It is wickedly funny and Cindy has a used a sharp pen to tear machismo to shreds. Cindy gives you an idea of how an oversexed woman could get what she wants without having all the boring romantic entanglements.

Why Should Guys Have All The Fun is available online through the Zumaya Publications web site. The web site can be found at


© 2002 Bruce E. Von Stiers