Chelsea's Debut Poetry

Bruce Von Stiers

Chelsea Bayouth is a character fabricator. She has worked on Robot Chicken, WWE Slam City and most recently worked on SuperMansion, which features the voice of Bryan Cranston. But not only is Chelsea a high in demand puppet and character fabricator, she is a poet as well.

About a year and a half ago, Chelsea had her first volume of poetry published. The title of that volume is Beaus & Eros. It contains forty-two poems and has 89 pages. It was published by Rein of Diamonds Press.

The poems in the volume are filled with a mixture of angst, sorrow, joy and excitement. Sometimes all of that is the same poem. Some are but a few sentences, whole others span several pages. But through all of them, you can almost taste the raw emotion that Chelsea felt while writing the poems.

One poem that was sweet, yet full of sorrow was The Only Thing I Will Write This April. It is about the death of an infant and the impact on its family.

Then there is Olivia, where the reader might think that the writer is talking about a split personality. Or maybe not.

Not many of Chelsea's poems rhyme. But one I particular does. It is The Dame That Walt Forgot. Whether real or imagined, the narrator of this poem has a lot of angst and wants a suiter to go away. Or is that just how I perceived the character who says she was a tramp, had lied to men, and is begging someone not to love her.

Bed of Clover is a rambling about sex, probable one night stands and really not wanting things to end.

The poems that Chelsea wrote are about love and relationships. But you probably got that from the volume's title. There is so much raw emotion in the prose that it's almost hard to describe. It's almost like everything bad that can happen in life and love has spilled out from Chelsea's mind and out onto the printed page. Beautiful, yet intense, honest yet full of angst.

Even though Chelsea Bayouth has made a career in the world of entertainment, her passion seems to be in her poetry writing. This first offering of her poetry may well be that spark that ignites a whole new career.

Beaus & Eros can be found at and other online and traditional retailers.

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