New Southern Gospel Music From Canton Junction

Bruce Von Stiers

I first learned about the Southern Gospel vocal quartet Canton Junction a few months ago. Their song Weep No More was on a soundtrack album that I reviewed.

On the heels of that song placement comes a brand new album from the group. The title of the album is Every Hallelujah. The album features the group's founding members, Matthew Hagee and Tim Duncan. They are joined by two new members, Casey Rivers and Ryan Seaton.

The album was produced by Garry Jones and released by Difference Media. It has thirteen songs and a play time of fifty-three minutes.

The first song is God's Got A Better Plan. Written by Ronny Hinson, this has great harmonies. It's about how the plan that God has for us is much more than we have for ourselves.

Tumbling Down is the second song. It was written by Michael Farren and Kenna West. It is a toe tapping Country flavored song. It deals with our failings and how God can save us from them.

It Wasn't Raining was also written by Kenna West, along with Lindsey Williams. This one is a fun and whimsical toe tapper.

When He Was On The Cross was written by Ronny Hinson and Michael Payne. It is a gentle and heartwarming song about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

When I lift Up My Head is a song written by Dotti Rambo. It has a light Country flavor with some nice horn music in the background.

The title track Every Hallelujah was done with the Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir. Michael Farren wrote the song along with Sue C. Smith and Kenna West. The main verses kind of reminded me of the Oak Ridge Boys and the chorus was excellent with the choir.

I Am was written by Eddie James. The song is about what Jesus is to every person individually and collectively.

A Place Called Grace was another song written by the trio of Michael Farren, Sue C. Smith and Kenna West. It is a heartfelt, mellow song with orchestral background music.

For Moments Like These was written by Lee Black, Jason Cox and Kenna West. It sounds almost like a love ballad.

I Need A Little More Jesus was written by Erica Atkins-Campbell, Trecina Atkins-Campbell and Warryn Campbell. It is a toe tapping tune with some deep baritone lead vocals and lighter backing vocals.

Living For Heaven was written by Jason Cox and Sue C. Smith. Light and gentle, this is a song about someone who's given his entire life for passing on the love of God and Jesus.

Weep No More was written by Lee Black and Ben Storie. This one had an almost cross rock/ country ballad styling. It was my favorite on the album.

The King And I was written by Mosie Lister. It is a light and easy song. It almost reminded me of song out of a classic musical.

Every Hallelujah is an excellent Southern Gospel album. If you like Gospel, especially Southern Gospel, then this is definitely an album well worth checking out.

You can get the album directly from Difference Media or from many music retailers. The Difference Media web site is

Canton Junction has a fan page on Facebook at

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