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Brian Lisik was the founder of the band The Giants of Science. But he has been known in recent years for his solo work. Brian's latest album has him once again as the spot lighter. But this time out he has a backing band. The album is titled Curtisinterruptedus. And the artist listing for the album is Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates.

About two years ago I reviewed Brian's album The Mess That Money Could Buy. I really liked that album. A couple of the people who helped out on that album are members of the backing band. They are Steve Norgrove and Craig Lisik. Steve is on upright and electric bass along with providing lead and backing vocals. Craig is the drummer.

Joining Steve and Craig are Benjamin Payne, Raymond Arthur Flanagan, Joe “Motion” Waller, Curtis Henderson, Tim Longfellow, Michael Houff and Matt Reece. Benjamin played the drums, banjo, percussion, guitars and did backing vocals. Raymond was on electric guitar. Joe played the bongos. Curtis played the harmonica and Matt was on cello. Michael played the violin and did the string arrangements on a song.

Additional backup singers came in the way of The Beekeeper Singers, who are listed in the album credits as Rotumba, S'Phyllis and Madge.

One special guest on the album is singer /songwriter Rachel Roberts.

As for Brian, he played the electric and acoustic guitars, did some percussion and provided lead and backing vocals.

The album was produced by Brian, Benjamin and Steve. It is being released by Cherokee Queen Records.

Jan 13 is the first song. It has a kind of ‘80's rock love ballad tone to it. Brian has light, raspy, Rod Stewart like vocals here.

The press release for the album says that some of it sounds a bit like early Mellencamp. Well, one song that definitely sounds like it could have come from John Mellencamp is Never Was. It has the same subtle, yet in your face vocals and guitar that brings in that kind of comparison.

Beaten Up Blue is a ballad about a girl who keeps moving on to other guys who treat her badly, but comes back because he's always there and is a safe bet.

Marietta is a sad song of running away from problems of life and family.

Paramours is a love song of sorts. It has great solo and duet vocals by Brian and Rachel Roberts. I wasn't familiar with Rachel before this album, but I am definitely a fan now.

Another Mellencamp kind of song is The Beekeeper. It's about a guy who's infatuated with a woman with questionable morals.

Born On Needles And Pins is a sad lament with aching vocals and strong piano, and string background music.

Normalcy brings things back to a rocking pace. It has cool music, including a short harmonica intro.

Chaos Is A Friend of Mine has a sort of alt folk rock sound.

St. Patrick's Day is an anthem of the classic 80's kind.

About Me Back Home is a gentle, yet sad song that was based on Clarence Elkins, an Ohio man who was falsely accused of murder.

Another aching lament is Tattered & Broken.

The album also includes an instrumental reprise of Born On Needles And Pins.

Swagger Sway Fall is the final song on the album. It is a mellow ballad of love lost.

The album has a few different style offerings. But it had a solid footing in the quality of musicians who played on the album backing Brian. And as I alluded to earlier, I really liked Rachel Roberts contribution. Curtisinterruptedus is unquestionably an album to check out for a great alt rock experience.

Curtisinterruptedus has a release date of April 28 th . To find out more about the album and Brian Lisik, visit his official site at . You'll also find Brian's Facebook page at .




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